5 Pretty Phones Cases for iPhones, LG, and Android Smartphones


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5 Pretty Phones Cases

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and designs are entirely open to subjectivity. That’s why smartphone manufacturers go to great lengths to create uniform handset designs. Sure, Apple iPhones and Android flagships from Samsung and LG look cool, but could we really describe them as pretty?

Imposing, smart, and cool maybe, but pretty… not so much. So, if you have just bought the iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy Note 20, how can you prettify your smartphone? Well, the obvious choice is with a case.

By adding a case to your smartphone, you have an affordable way to make it your own. Your mobile can speak to your individual taste and be customized just for you. There are thousands of pretty cases available, but below we have found some of the best:

GreaTruly Floral Case (iPhone)

GreaTruly Floral Iphone 12 Case

When you first look at the GreaTruly Floral case, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. In fact, this TPU case looks something like a net curtain. Still, it is no doubt an elegant design showing flowers around the case. It’s when you put the case on your smartphone when the magic happens. Because it is transparent, the flowers on the case come to life amid the background of your phone color.

Maxdara Case (iPhone)

Maxdera iphone 12 case

If you want something that is visual and living, the Maxdara case is a good option, it is almost like a moving piece of art. It boasts Bling Bling glittering quicksand that flows around freely inside the case. Luxurious and pretty, the result is an animated design that is never the same any two times you look at it.

Manleno Marble Case (iPhone)

Manleno Iphone 12 Case

If you are unfamiliar with smartphone skins, they are vinyl wraps you can buy that skin your device in any design you choose. They are utterly amazing but only offer minimal protection. If you want the look of a skin but the protection of a case, the Manleno Marble is a good bet. It is a proper case, but the elegant swirling multicolor marble makes it look like the device has a vinyl skin.

Bentoben Space Case (Samsung/Android)

Bentoben Space Samsung Case

Bentoben makes a series of Space cases that feature images of the cosmos. It turns out space is extremely pretty as well as being spectacular. These cases are examples of letting the imagery do the talking. Just a simple case with a print of some part of our galaxy on it and voila, an instantly pretty case.

MateProx (iPhone)

MateProx Samsung Phone Case

If you want a back-to-basics sort of pretty, MateProx cases are a good choice. These cases are nothing revolutionary, but they sport charming colorful designs with glitter finishes. I especially recommend the versions of the case that have a cut out so you can see the Apple logo. Simple but effective and proof that nailing a pretty design does not need to be complicated.