3 plans for iPhone in 2010


3 plans to be bale to offer the iPhone to it’s subscribers during 20010, that’s according to Chief executive. Kevin Russell told a seminar The Future of Mobile run by Westminster eForum. “I would take the iPhone, and I hope o have it in 2010”. The iPhone would be a major change for 3 which […]

O2 UK Palm Pre now Available

O2 UK Palm Pre now Available

For all you Palm Pre smartphone wannabees out there waiting to grab the Palm Pre in the UK, head on over to your local O2 shop and grab yourself that Palm Pre right now. O2 has now put the Palm Pre up for sale with the lowest tariff offering the Palm Pre for free on […]

O2 Germany selling Palm Pre GSM phone, €481 without contract


Well we’ve all been waiting for it and we were all aware of it’s imminent arrival, wait no further as it’s here. The first fantastic showing of the Palm Pre with its GSM garb. As from today our Deutsch comrades an get one if they want one and do what the heck they want to […]

Is the Palm Pre II on O2 website a listing mistake?


This cannot be right, something really interesting has popped up on the O2 UK website and we have done a check and it seems it does show the new Palm Pre II on the websites listing. The funny thing is it does show in the drop down box the Palm Pre II but when you […]

O2 UK to unlock iPhones at End of Contract?

O2 UK to unlock iPhones at End of Contract?

Apparently now that O2 have lost their exclusivity over the iconic iPhone, they are looking at allowing their iPhone customers to have their iPhone unlocked once they reach the end of their O2 contract reports an article over on know your mobile. According to the article, an O2 spokesperson talked to The Register and revealed […]

Windows Phones: HTC HD2 aka Leo and HTC Whitestone Release Dates


Two Windows Mobile 6.5 based smartphones are about to be released this month by HTC. The HTC Whitestone and the HTC HD2 otherwise known as the Leo will follow shortly after the official release of Windows Mobile 6.5 which will be on October 6th. Rumour has it that both Telefónica / 02 and Orange have […]

HTC Leo initially known as Firestone O2 October 12 release

HTC Leo initially known as Firestone O2 October 12 release

According to an article posted over on top10.co.uk, the O2 website confirms that the HTC Leo will launch with O2 on the 12th of this month. Initially know as the HTC Firestone, the Windows Mobile 6.5 packing HTC Leo is the first Windows Mobile OS mobile phone to be launched from HTC for some time […]

O2 UK Catalogue shows up HTC HD2 aka Leo


Fantastic news for anyone out there interest in the HTC HD2 otherwise known as Leo. The picture you see is a page from an 02 in store catalogue which give details on the HTC HD2, it was all set and expected to make a UK release on October 12th (although rumor has it that this […]

Orange, Vodafone, O2 and AT&T have iPhone, will Verizon follow


The news about the Apple iPhone is all over the net at the moment and we have heard so much about the carriers who will provide this handset. In the UK alone we all knew that O2 had the exclusive rights to sell the iPhone and recently we had the press statement sent to us […]

O2 iPhone Exclusivity Ending Update, hello Palm Pre


The O2 blog has sent a message to its customers explaining that they have been very proud indeed to offer the exclusive iPhone deal to 20 million customers for the last two years. They did say that the exclusive deal would not last forever and was for a limited period of time, O2’s relationship will […]