Windows Phone 9 design vs Primus Ubuntu Touch

Primus Ubuntu Touch

The world of concepts always has us all on the edge of our seats; it is a way of showing us what is possible. Two fantastic designers called Ghani Pradita and Naveen Kumarasinghe have designed two new smartphones called the Windows Phone 9 and the Primus Ubuntu Touch respective. Ghani Pradita created the Windows Phone […]

Ubuntu smartphone October release, successful vs unsuccessful

Ubuntu smartphone release, Canonical say October release

We all heard about the new Ubuntu operating system and smartphones running this back in April 2102 and now we can report that handsets running this new OS will be released October 2013 thanks to Mark Shuttleworth, founder and CEO of Canonical, the question is will it be successful or unsuccessful? We have known about […]

Ubuntu phone all Linux but open like Android

Ubuntu phone all Linux but open like Android

There seems to be quite a bit of buzz surrounding the new Ubuntu phone, and during the CES 2013 event in Las Vegas, Canonical showcased a pre-release version of the mobile Ubuntu operating system running on an Android device, and the company is pitching a full computing ecosystem rather than revising Linux for phones. According […]