Sony Ericsson SO902iWP+ Waterproof Phone

Now this is a very good turn up for the books, this waterproof Sony Ericsson SO902iWP+ mobile phone can and yes it can take phone calls under water but what makes me laugh is can you actually hear the call underwater. Now let us stick with reality yes we are right in saying it can take calls underwater which means if you have some amazing and pretty bad thunderstorms you can still receive calls no matter how wet the phone gets.

It has an MP3 player plus has a 1.3 megapixel camera, so please do not worry if you drop this in the sink or bath or even a great big puddle because oh yes the Sony Ericsson SO902iWP+ wants to keep on working.

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  • bernardo

    this celphone resist sea water??

  • Martin Norman

    So where can I buy one of these in GB ?



    Where can i buy it from ?

  • marcus

    so where can we but this phone in australia? why cant we get a decent waterproof mobile here?

    • Jezza

      sonim xp3 enduro

  • Rosie Esteva Daria დარია

    ideal phone for me :)

  • Rosie Esteva Daria დარია

    ideal phone for me :)

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