Attell Announces It’s Getting The BlackBerry Pearl 8130

Alltel have announced that they will be adding RIM’s CDMA BlackBerry Pearl 8130 to their holiday line up. The phone will be coming in an amethyst colour, and will rock the same GPS, EV-DO, 2 mega pixel camera as it’s Sprint and Verizon friends.

There’s no information on when the BlackBerry Pearl 8310 will be released but when it’s out it’ll set you back around $150 after a $100 mail-in rebate. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 then you can register here.



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  1. I bought this phone in November and love it so much I started a blog on it. I’ve discovered a lot of tips & tricks, solutions to problems, and very cool free applications and themes:

    – Theme: make your 8130 look like an iPhone.
    – Sync your contacts (address book) with Excel.
    – Review of Opera Mini browser.
    …and much more.

    See http://blackberry8130.wordpress.com.

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