iPhone traffic clogs AT&T network and holds back BlackBerry Bold

Apparently the reason Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Bold hasn’t yet launched with exclusive US carrier AT&T is down to Apple Inc’s Apple iPhone 3G.

Yet another reason for BlackBerry fans to despise the Apple iPhone 3G. AT&T Inc isn’t offering the BlackBerry Bold yet because Apple iPhone 3G data traffic is clogging up AT&T’s networks, that’s according to analysts.

BlackBerry data traffic is channelled through Research In Motion servers, however the Apple iPhone 3G uses a “ping-pong” technology which must constantly access AT&T’s network.

Peter Misek, analyst for Canaccord Adams, remarks: “We believe that AT&T is now realizing that it can have up to 20 BlackBerrys for every iPhone on its network.”

Source — globe and mail


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