What mobile Phone brand will you buy for Christmas 2008?

Well people, the festive season is fast approaching, so have you given thought as to what you are going to give or what you’d like to receive? Maybe you have a hankering for the latest mobile phone to drop into your Christmas stocking come Christmas Eve.

There are loads of cool smartphones out there ready and waiting to grab those Christmas pennies. The BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm perhaps, or how about that Google Android T-Mobile G1?

And let’s not forget the Apple iPhone 3G of course, wonder just how many are hoping to get the old iPhone from someone, then there’s more, such as the HTC Touch Diamond, the BlackBerry Pearl Flip, or how about a Nokia such as the E71 or N96?

What ever you wish for or hope to give, there are superb ranges from some the biggest names in the business all waiting for your hard earned Christmas cash…or maybe you’ll hang on for those New Year special offers.


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