HTC Touch Pro goes with Verizon Wireless December 1st

The HTC Touch Pro will be on Verizon Wireless come November 24th , which means that of the big four carriers in the United States only T-Mobile USA without a version of the HTC top of the range QWERTY toting Touch Pro.

Although Verizon Wireless is asking wallet wrenching $419.99 with a 2 year agreement, which make you wonder if you should bother, but the Verizon HTC Touch Pro does come with a mail in rebate of 70 bucks but that still only drops the Touch Pro down to $350.00.

This then will make the HTC Touch Pro one of Verizon’s most expensive mobile handsets, and after the telesales availability the Verizon HTC Touch Pro should be in the public’s hands on 1st December, that’s if you want to pay the price of course.

Source — Engadget


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    John says:

    Wow, how can this phone which is less attractive and efficient than both the iphone and G1 be almost 3 times more expensive?? this is an absolute ripoff.

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