What is next after Apple iPhone 3G? Any Ideas

The Apple iPhone 3G has now been around for a while, and love it or loath it, you have to give credit where its due, the Apple iPhone 3G has been the most successful mobile phone in the history of mobile phones so far.

I know some will moan and gripe, saying not another post praising the iPhone 3G, but this isn’t just a praise of the handset. I am aware as most are, the iPhone 3G has had and probably will continue to have problems along the way, just like most new innovative mobile handsets.

What I’d like to do with this post is find out what our readers think should happen with the Apple iPhone in future. I don’t mean comments like throw it in the bin, what I do mean is your views on what the future could possibly hold for a next generation Apple iPhone.

So the question I put to our readers is this… What is next after Apple iPhone 3G? Any Ideas



12 thoughts on “What is next after Apple iPhone 3G? Any Ideas”

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    Mathew says:

    While the iphone is a great looking phone, there is need of some real upgrades still to it. A decent camera as well as video options are very needed for this phone still.

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    m goode says:

    I’m still stuck on the Motorola Krave. With a full touch screen and 2 MP camera it is a tough competitor. Check it out online at motorola.com/krave. I’ve been a fan of it ever since I started working with Motorola. it’s getting fierce!

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    KL iPhoner says:

    1st thing – Whenever any Product isn’t User Friendly
    , Probably the next rival device will take over the market all over the world.In 90’s, Motorola’s the 1st & conquered the market.But Motorola model is not Teenager Friendly Software n Color or Function.Malaysia isn’t an Apple country list, even though my country sosio economy better then some of African Country or Thailand, but i still used iPhone 3G 16gb… i also used Motorola V9 3.5G Mahogany Color as a 2nd Phone n 2nd line.Better n 100% fully function.Beautiful color.

    My experience with iPhone 3G: For internet is ok, The Color not suitable for 2008/2009 taste. Without MMS,without FORWARD sms or mms n all 3rd parties software also RUMPUS.MP3,MP4 sound isn’t better then my daughter 14 year old device = Nokia Xpress music 5610 or SONY MP3.

    I beleived that’s Apple CEO n COO’s 100% not understand whats grassroot Consumer’s need, aspecially Teenagers. End up, Nokia n Motorola will Won in the Global market trued by their experience be4… n Consumer will dismiss n Forget it this Apple device Forever…

    If CEO n COO apple not understand or have a very high Egoism… The Apple Device will be a Dinosour T Rex…. Only in History in Kidergarden school…

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    Iansky says:

    Full VGA screen with HD capability
    MMS capability
    Bluetooth capability with any device to also allow sending files / pictures by bluetooth.
    Forward Text message capability
    Decent still & video camera with flash
    Better battery life
    Option to change battery yourself

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    Dane says:

    A better CPU, GPU and more RAM, moving it into the realms of real portable computing are a must-have. While Safari runs well for basic websites, it struggles with anything more complex. It will also allow the phone to up the stakes in the games market – Apple will surely know how much money they could make from this if they turn it into a platform that genuinely competes with PSP etc. Also, see the bluetooth part later for how control issues could be addressed.

    The camera also needs revising. It is, frankly, terrible, compared to 5-8mp offerings popping up elsewhere, with flashes and forward facing cameras also.

    The third and final major improvement will be Bluetooth (and connectivity). It is scandalous that bluetooth headphones and other accessories don’t work, and that you can’t connect via bluetooth to your computer. Yes, I know that applications can do this over Wi-Fi but it’s just not the same. It would also allow accessories such as keyboards and games controllers to be connected, making it a much more valuable business / gaming tool.

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    Funnyaccount says:

    iPhone with the following would make it perfect phone for everyone and make competitors run for money

    1. Longer battery life and replacable battery
    2. Better Camera and Video recording
    3. MMS and forward
    4. Copy and paste
    5. FM radio

  7. I think the next iPhone should have….

    A Low price 250 for 8GB & no more than 350 for 16GB…

    A more improved camera w/ flash…..front view video camera…(So iPhone users can have the option of video phone capabilites…this will make the iPhone tough to compete with!!!!!)

    MMS text messaging

    Longer Batter Life…(Even though I purchased the Power Slider)

    Internet video capabilities no matter what format it is

    More Colors than just Black & White…even though I like Black

    Cut & Paste

    Record Phone Calls

    ….Little things matter the most to consumers…detail is very important…Im working on getting a degree in Marketing and the iPhone has the most potential personally…

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    Steven Pappas says:

    I really don’t understand people. It’s called the IPHONE! Not the do everything in the world phone… People are soooo ungrateful in 2009. We have EVERYTHING at our fingertips, but apparently it isn’t enough. Back in the 80’s if you wanted information at your fingertips you had to use the dewey decimal system. (I’m sure most people under the age of 25 will have no idea what that is and will google it). You hold a device in your hand that transfers information, in many forms, invisibly thru the universe in seconds and you want a “better camera” than GO BUY A CAMERA!!! Stop complaining and realize you are living in an amazing time with amazing devices an ENJOY THEM for Christ’s sake!!! I’m done venting… oh and if you ask me, I think the iphone can be improved by tracking my bowel movements and posting them automatically on Facebook(another moronic system) so everyone of my “friends” can know about them and post messages on my ever-so-important wall!!!

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    Sharon says:

    Would like any Eastern languages input progam to be ubiquitous i. e. free with Apple mobile devices, so that I can input Japanese characters to look up etymologies on English web sites.

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