LG Incite Reviews: Specs, Price and Your Views

We are really impressed with the new LG Incite touchscreen smartphone which is exclusively on AT&T, it’s nearly getting as much hype as the BlackBerry Storm, Seriously this powerful smartphone perfectly named the LG incite really does just that ‘Incite’.

If you want a mobile that packs an almightily punch and looks good at the same time this LG could be the one for you, with fast 3G speeds and fully integrated with GPS so you get full use from the AT&T navigator, let’s not forget the built in Wi-Fi allowing you to use AT&T hotspots nationally.

The LG Incite was specifically designed to give you the very best in data and voice performance.

Looking at the media spec of the latest LG, you can view all your Office documents and navigate easily using the reflective touchscreen. You can make full use of the Windows Mobile 6.1 Operating System and don’t forget you can view on you auto-rotation LCD screen your photo’s taken by the LG Incite on board 3-Mega-Pixel Camera.

You can pick up your LG Incite on AT&T after Mail-in-Rebate for $199.99 with a 2 year contract. Let us know if you have managed to get your hands on the LG Incite and let us know what you think?

Now seeing as there are no hard reviews on this handset please send in your reviews if you have this phone. Thanks



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    Lauren says:

    I just got the LG Incite and I’m not sure I’m all that impressed with it. The camera while it is 3mega-pixles stinks!!! The pictures are very blurry! The touch screen isn’t very responsive and for some reason I can not send out text messages. I can send and receive picture message and only receive text messages. When I take the phone back to the store I will most likely pick another phone!

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