Can RIMs BlackBerry Storm, Bold and Pearl Flip unseat iPhone domination?

Research In Motion has recently pushed out three new BlackBerry smartphones, each with a different wireless provider; the clickable touch-screen BlackBerry Storm, the business orientated BlackBerry Bold 9000 and the customer related BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, and this is a noticeable counterattack against the dominance of the Apple iPhone.

When you consider the figures Apple figures say they sold 6.9 million iPhone 3G handsets during the last quarter, while RIM say they shifted 6.1 million BlackBerry smartphones in approximately the same period.

The BlackBerry Storm, Bold and Pearl Flip offer the latest technology available including multiple email options, Bluetooth, headphone jacks, cameras, video recording and a multitude of other features. But all this still may not be enough to unseat the Apple iPhone as the most popular mobile handset available.

One has to wonder, can anyone come up with a mobile phone that can actually stand against the might of the iPhone 3G, can the illusive “iPhone killer” really come about?

Source — AP

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