125 mobile phones coming from LG in 09

Over the course of a year mobile phone manufacturers push out quite a few different mobile phones, be they slider, flips, candy-bars, touch-screen ect. Well word from LG Electronics is that they intend to launch 125 mobile phones globally next year, and that is a lot of mobile phones.

This figure means LG will be pushing out two mobile phones every week across the world, so will probably push out something the consumer will like.

VP marketing LG mobile global, Chang Ma, has said: “We have to work with different operators in different countries, we don’t think it’s a big number.”

The UK is likely to see about 25 of the handset from LG, and an LG spokesperson has said the 09 roadmap already feature about 24 mobile phones. And it is expected that these mobile handset will be separate handset rather than single handsets in differing colours.

Source — pocket-lint

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