iPhone: Apple possibly violating patent with Jesus Phone Safari

Seems everyone and anyone wants to sue Apple over something to do with the Jesus Phone, the latest is EMG Technology, LLC, which happens to be a company of one, and has just filled a lawsuit against Apple accusing them of a possible patent violation as to “the way the iPhone navigates the Internet.”

Elliot Gottfurcht is a real estate developer and started EMG Tech to hold the newly bought patent, and then simply files a lawsuit at Apple for their Mobile Safari patent. The question is, just because Gottfurcht bought the patent does he have any right to the tech which Apple has used to build what is probably the leading mobile browser?

The suit was filed in the Eastern District of Texas on March 13th 06 and was granted on October 21st 08. So what stops other from purchasing patent rights and turning round and suing those that use them?

Seems like Gottfurcht is simply after making a few extra bucks to me, what do you think?

Source — computerworld

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