Telstra County Phone for Australian Outback

So you are out deep in the Australian bush, and you suddenly need to ring someone, you whip out your mobile phone and, damn, no signal! So what’s the answer for those Australian bush wanderers?

Well how about a new handset Telstra is launching called the “County Phone” which is manufactured by China’s ZTE and features a 3G radio along with a 2 megapixel camera, AGPS, Bluetooth, FM radio, and extendable antenna.

It’s certainly not going to win any beauty award that’s for sure, but it has been awarded Telstra’s Blue Tick certification, and well if you happen to live in the middle of knowhere in Australia this just may be for you. The “County Phone” is out today at a price of AU$529.

Source — Engadget


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    The Bek says:

    Pity you guys got the name of this thing wrong with every mention of the model name. It’s the “country phone” not county.

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