Will Apple (AAPL) sell $99 4GB iPhone via Wal-Mart? Doubtful.

The latest whispers floating the net is about the Apple iPhone 3G hitting Wal-Mart for a nice low price of $99.00, so let’s slow down and take a look at why maybe this $99 Wal-Mart iPhone is rather dubious.

First off can you see Apple stripping down their price and capacity of their most sort after mobile handset?

You know how it’s been going; Apple will allow Wal-Mart to offer a 4GB Apple iPhone for $99.00 after Christmas. The word on this is because Apple needs to sell cheaper hardware in these economic times. But what these analysts seem to forget is that Apple just doesn’t do cheap, so will no doubt sell via Wal-Mart but at the same price point and capacity.

Really, can you remember a product from Apple that has received a downgrade in memory, I can’t. So the likelihood of them doing so with the famous iPhone is negligible to say the least. Apple discontinued the original 4GB iPhone for a reason, and to be honest the bottom line is, if Apple can shift so many at the price it is at now, why lower the price?

Source — wired

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