Killer business Apple iPhone: 10 things to make it happen

The Apple iPhone is a unique smartphone it has to be said, it offers numerous features although when as a consumer device the Apple iPhone adopts enterprise there are still a few challenges left in place.

One does have to say, and to Apple’s credit they have dealt with several of the issues such as supporting secure networking, offering Exchange support and allowing the iPhone to be pre-configured for users.

But there is still more Apple can do to meet with corporate needs, and here are 10 things that could well turn the Apple iPhone into a real killer business handset…

Develop over-the-air deployment for profiles; provide a way to enforce the use of configuration profiles; offer a unified in-box; develop tools to create and edit Office documents; provide expanded configuration and restriction options for administrators; add copy and paste functionality; allow file storage/management on the iPhone itself; and develop direct push options for platforms other than Exchange.

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