Nokia N97 Hands on Review (Russian): Good video though

The Nokia N97 has been said to be the best mobile phone that will hit the market in 2009, we personally believe that this phone could really make a statement and go up against the likes of the Apple iPhone and of course BlackBerry Storm and even the T-Mobile G1.

The Nokia N97 Hands on review video below is in Russian but hey the video is hot and you get to look at the phone some more.

The video goes on for 9:59 which means you will get great pleasure of viewing such an awesome looking mobile smartphone, we will not say anymore as we want you to watch the video and leave you to comment below of what you think.


2 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Hands on Review (Russian): Good video though”

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    JohnBo says:

    Not a chance, the Symbian OS is prehistoric compared to the Palm, BB and Apple OS’ on their respective mobile phones. The N97 also has the slowest processors out of the bunch (Palm pre, BB Onyx, iphone 3.0)

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