Apple App Store: Can iPhone App development create millionaires?

If your thinking the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store is just full of useless applications then think again, there is mega bucks in this business and if you develop a top notch application you could be on your way to becoming a Apple App Store millionaire.

Take a look at John Casasanta creator of the Tap Tap Tap applications and Classics creator Phil Ryu, which after reducing the price from $2.99 to 99¢ has rise to the top of the iPhone app charts and is now grossed over $100,000 in just a few weeks.

Their first app, WhereTo, in just a few months grossed over $200,000, and with six new apps in development they are certainly on the road to success.

However they have said the profit from the apps are going straight back into new developments, they are smart men and can see the potential in the App Store. As the guys said, there is a lot more to developing an app, you need to market and promote it right too, it’s not just a case of churning the app out and putting a price tag on it.

Source: zdnet

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