T-Mobile G1: Unknown SMS and MMS what’s going on?

This is a little strange to say the least, some T-Mobile G1 users are experiences very random going’s on, and G1 users are receiving text messages and MMS messages from people who didn’t send them, freaky and also very irritating.

It’s been going on with the Google Android G1 for a week now and users are getting more and more frustrated, however T-Mobile have ensured everyone that they have engineers working on the mystery text problem.

So until they fix the problem, G1 users will have to be patient and try not to let the annoying texts bother them, don’t know at this point what is actually written on the text, if you own a G1 and have been receiving the unwanted mystery texts let us know.

Source: intomobile


One thought on “T-Mobile G1: Unknown SMS and MMS what’s going on?”

  1. Darryl Scott-Windsor says:

    I’ve been experiencing problems on my G1 where I think I’m sending SMS texts but the receivers have been receiving the text messages as a MMS picture messages. T-Mobile are charging me for these texts when SMS texts are suppost to be free! Is anyone else experiencing this?