Rogers and Bell fall out over network speed advert

Looks like over in Canada there’s a bit of a bust up going on between Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility, the reason for this is apparently Rogers has accused Bell of false advertising.

The piece Rogers is claiming is false is in a recent ad campaign, Bell stated they had or have the ‘fastest and largest network across North America’ which is a fairly hefty claim which would definitely require backing up with some numbers from Bell one would assume.

So Rogers made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Canada who decided ‘the general impression communicated by the claim was that the Bell wireless network was faster than its competitors in each of the countries that make up North America, including Canada.’

Bell countered with all advertising conforms to Canadian law and so continues with the ad, and so the Advertising Standards Canada is preparing to pass judgement that should halt Bell from using the ad.

Source — mobilesyrup

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