Video: BlackBerry Storm levels out with Storm Level Pro

Mobigloo has now released a useful utility application for the BlackBerry Storm called Strom Level Pro which allows the BlackBerry Storm owner to use their BlackBerry Storm as a ruler or even a level.

Storm Level Pro is ideal for the home fixer, the BlackBerry packing DIY enthusiast and even professional carpenters, surveyors and the like as you wouldn’t believe just who often you’d need to use a ruler or level.

Key features of Storm Level Pro app for the BlackBerry Storm are…level for both vertical and horizontal measures, calibration for maximum accuracy, automatic adjustments of portrait and landscape modes, and 2 rulers, inches and centimetres.

Storm Level Pro for the BlackBerry Storm cost $4.99 and makes great use of the Storm’s accelerometer, and below we have a video so you can see it in action.


2 thoughts on “Video: BlackBerry Storm levels out with Storm Level Pro”

  1. Patron Anejo says:

    The top and bottom edges of this device are not straight. I imagine the app is still useful with the handset in a sideways orientation.