BlackBerry Storm Problems: Questions and Answers!

The Research In Motion BlackBerry Storm has been out a while now, and I am sure most are really enjoying the unique clickable touchscreen experience that the BlackBerry Storm smartphone offers.

There have been in the past though several complaints about the BlackBerry Storm, even several reports that the Storm was being returned hand over fist.

So what I’d like to know is how our BlackBerry Storm packing readers are getting on with their BlackBerry Storm. Are you having any problems that we at Phones Review or our readers may be able to help with or do you have any questions you need answering?

If so feel free to leave a comment below.


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  • Jennie Allen

    The storm is aptly named. The designers neglected to take into account that phones are first, designed to be used as phones. I have yet to complete a single conversation without inadvertently clicking on a button with my ear. I’ve come close, on several occasions, to launching it against a wall.

  • Jim

    i think the storm is great, the one complaint i do have is that it restarts itself a couple of times a night, but from what ive been reading the new update is supposed to fix that whenever it comes out. other than that i couldnt be happier with the phone

  • Jeremy N. Alvarado

    My blackberry storm is awesome. At first when i got it i did have some trouble with it. but once you install the newer software it works like a charm. to me this phone is way better that the iphone. if people cant seen to work it they must be stupid

    • Shaka

      Are you serious? You are actually comparing this phone to the iphone? First I personally don't believe the problems associated with this phone is operator error. Here are some of the common problems just to name a few: freezes can't respond to incoming calls or text message, sometimes the phone powers itself down and take hours to reboot, keypad sticks and so forth. If there were some many problems with this phone I do agree it would be a great phone. My husband has the iphone and needless to say he still has his orginal purchased phone and I am on my fourth storm.

    • david

      how do you update the new software i just bought the phone and its giving me trouble

  • Darryl

    Just got The Storm this weekend… cool little phone, but glitchy. When I take it out of the provided pouch the screen sometimes turns black often for up to 15-20 seconds then it suddenly turns back on. I’ve had the phone for two days and already had to do a battery pull… speaking of the battery, my phone back from 98 had a better battery life then this modern piece of crap. Mind you I threw some pretty serious coin on this thing, and I feel it has a ton of potential hopefully there will be some firmware updates coming my way soon.

  • Todd


    Here is the quick solution for your issue, which drove me nuts as well. Go to and download their application. They created it for this problem with the storm and it works really well.
    Good Luck.

    • choche

      whats the app name?

  • Barbara

    Brand-new Storm, charger defective, 2 hrs tech support, 2nd trip to Verizon, another 2 hrs wasted. Manual not clear enough. I think this phone was rushed to market.

  • Todd

    Sorry it’s actually

  • Howard Moore

    The Storm is a trainwreck, period! Constant problems, expensive apps, poorly thought out OS and no real Mac based sync. Email was a nightmare and web browsing nothing like the iPhone since you had to do 2-3 additional steps to get a web page loaded.

    The only positive was the Verizon service!

  • Larry

    My storm is a great unit, except…when I try to use the video camera it freezes and I have to pull the battery to reset the phone. Not a good thing. I’ve downloaded the software upgrade to no avail. My wife has cut off several calls with her ear while talking. It has great potential, but several bugs.

  • Johnny

    I like the Storm a lot. Yes, it is glichy and my cheek has turned the speaker phone on in public, the extra large click-screen makes everything worth while. I am now one step closer to turning my phone into a fully functioning mobile office. Despite the embarasment broadcasting my girlfriends slightly naughty conversation at full volume on my speaker phone to my co-workers, it is the best Blackberry to date. I look forward to the next generations of Storms re-integrating the incredibly efficient track ball and keyboard. I do miss the ability to compose an email one handed without ever looking at the screen while rushing to catch my flight at the airport.

  • buzee

    i got the storm when it first came out. You indeed do have to get use to it, learn the lag and avoid pressing to many things at once. once you get the firmware update it fixes some but not all the glitches. i do battery pulls weekly and i do press speaker of flash with my cheek during calls. However, i still love the phone, its going to get even better w the firmware that comes out. its also great for media and records amazing video (sometimes freezes during recording if text received) either way i still am keeping it, and iphone users are still trading to blackberries, so why not have a touchscreen blackberry

  • Roz

    I have been using the Storm since it first came out. Overall, I love it. On the other hand, I am having to do battery pulls at least every few days to fix problems with voice dialing and phone keypad. (The restart after the battery pull takes too damn long; usually at least 3-4 minutes.) Even though I have the current OS installed on the phone, I am still having problems with lag time when switching the screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa. I am looking forward to future firmware updates to address the glitches this phone has.

  • rass moss

    I think the blackberry storm is the best mobile phone however, before it can stay at the top, the OS Firmware upgrade has to be properly design to have all the adobe flash updates. The internet browser cannot provide wap steaming very well even you cannot watch yOUTUBE because the steaming always comes up with errors.Can’t Blackberry design a browser like SKYFIRE(BEST OF ALL BROWERS)? Come onnnnnn Blackberry developers don’t put the phone to shame give us the best OS upgrades for the storm I know you can do it……..cheers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Kawczynski

    I got my Storm three weeks ago and I do like most of the functions of the phone. but I have one major problem. the Bluetooth feature is crap. It will not lock into a standard Motorola Car kit, and after checking with blackberry they can’t get me a answer. seems the Bluetooth is very touchy and works with a very limited list of devices. so if you need it to use in a Car or othe bluetooht device buy something else.

  • fi

    my many problems with the Blackberry storm are as follows dropping calls, not holding signal, screen freezing for up to 15 minutes the answer button not working. i am now on my 3td storm in 3 months with all the same problems on each phone. was wondering if anyone had same problems and was anything done except replace each time????

    • steve

      i have had my storm about 13 months its probably the worst phone i have ever had , ive changed it three times every phone has had the same problem it freezes constantly , screen goes black then i have to take the battery out then put it back in then the timer is on for a bout 5 mins then the screen stops white i can recieve calls but i dont know who is calling i cant send texts and go through the menu.. i have a different phone coming now as i havnt used my phone for 4 days nows and now i cant even turn it on!

      • vic

        i have had the storm for 18 months now and it is certainly the worst phone ive ever had. ive had two replacemnt handsets and they all have the same problems, if i make a call it cuts off, i cant send txts or recieve them for up to a month at a time. If i use the camera it turns the hand set off, the phone wont hold charge and it is constantly crashing and screen turning it self off but according to vodafone its just my sim card

    • Sue

      I have experienced all the problems you and fellow bloggers mention.
      I have lost the will to live with this phone and I am on my 4th replacement and I am unable to use it as I was supplied with a Storm 2 to which the back of my Storm 1 doesn't fit.

  • leslie

    the Storm is a nightmare. I keep having to pull the battery. Videos freeze. Customer service often clueless. I’m very disappointed and will likely return it. Often want to smash it, so not good for mental health!

  • Chelsea

    i for one am really impressed with my blackberry storm. its the very first model. you people can’t expect there to be zero issues. look at the iPhone. i had one. first model. it was awful. more awful than the first model storm. now, i am on my SECOND storm due to my first one getting fried. i would leave it plugged in over night, and you shouldn’t plug it in for more than 3 hours. my bad. but seriously. my internet works great. my phone works great. my calenders, my texting, facebook. everything in my opinion is great. people shouldn’t be complaining. you were the one who decided to get the first model. don’t expect it to be perfect. just sayin

  • john

    my storm is having a problem like the a button is stuck or something when i have the screen locked it has the message pop up saying that its locked and it pops up rapidly and when i try to go into messages or email or anything it exits back to main screen its driving me nuts haha any1 got an idea?

  • Aimee

    The Blackberry drops all phone calls, and I have only successfully had a phone conversation on it twice. The email and internet have been great, but the makers of this phone need to realize that it is being purchased as primarily a phone. If you can’t make or receive a phone call, what’s the point? Today I will be going back once again to the Verizon store, (was just there yesterday), to see if this problem can be fixed. I am sorry I purchased this phone.

  • Teresa

    I purchased my Storm right after Christmas and it took me a long time to get used to it. The biggest complaint I have is when I am speaking with someone on the phone the person I am talking to complains of me cutting out constantly and not being able to understand some of what I say because of the constant cutting out. Does anyone else have this problem. I am trying to use this phone for work and the inability to use the phone is a big problem. I have taken to carrying around a regular cell phone to make calls on.

  • Alvin

    GOt my Blackberry Storm in December.
    As a phone, not too impressed with the storm. There are nice apps that make it better. Talklock keeps my cheeks from changing my call to speaker.

    Slacker radio from makes up for most headaches, except I hate it when my music or comedy is interrupted by emails.
    Also the Appleberry theme is awesome, and adds some nice perks to the emails, such as an email preview on your main screen.

    I don’t like the video, sometimes I record a video, and when I try to play it back I get a message”format not supported”…um, hello, I recorded it on this phone?
    The dropping of phone calls is really no difference from many cell phones I’ve used, although I do get a lot of complaints about friends not able to hear me.

    I like the standard earjack, put one of those cassette adaptors that you use for CD’s, Ipods, etc.. in the car, connect it to the phone, instant hands free.

    I do hate it when the phone goes into zombie mode and I can’t do anything but a battery pull…the battery falls out anytime you drop the phone…(a video on youtube sez putting paper in the battery compartment will make your clicking better…I guess so, but it certainly keeps my battery in when the cover falls off so that’s a plus.)
    I’m hoping to find a better text message app, this one’s just plain awkward.

    The more I play with it, the more I learn that’s not in the book…for example creating custom ringtone scenarios..I once got woke up at 5 am when I got slammed with 20 emails from a group that had my email…I’ve since learned to turn my email alerts off (and add a very obnoxious ringtone) for the middle of the night with a simple click.

    I thought the next version of the software was due in February…I guess it’ll be later…be sure to check for other trouble shooting, software, etc…
    One more thing….the “radio” (the connection to the PHONE) turns itself off when the battery drains too low, but doesn’t turn itself back on when the phone has been charged. that is just plain ole annoying!

    Keep a charger at work, in the car and at home, this sucker eats batteries faster than a digital camera. Extended battery please?

    Should’ve got another Envy….LOVED THAT PHONE (except for the internet, it sucks sour owl crap)

  • Usman

    I returned blackberry storm within 24 hours of getting it didnt like it at all, very hard to use the keypad, slow response, sometime there is a delay of saveral seconds when you move from portrait to landscape. Difficult to click on links when browsing ….

  • Mark

    I am on my 3rd storm now and I am trying to like it but it drives me nuts. Every time I speak to Tech Support they tell me you will get use to it I asked to exchange it last week for a Curve and they said they had no stock I wonder why!

    I do think the concept is good apart from:-
    Battery useless
    Bluetooth rubbish, does not sync auto, you have to go in and activate
    Goes on hold when making calls, touches ear
    GPRS signal goes AWOL

  • Francis Arul

    My storm battery drains our so fast that is ridiculous. Any suggestions.

  • Guy Johnson

    I bought the Storm after two years perfect service with the Curve.

    My first Storm failed to recharge the battery and crashed almost everytime I switched it off.

    The replacement did manage to recharge the (same) battery but crashed frequently. After removing and replacing the battery the service number for text messages had disappeared. Ít was impossible to enter it manually. I upgraded the software and then the service number reappeared. Then it crashed again, I took the battery out, etc. and again the service number for text messaging had again disappeared. This time I could no longer update the software because I had the latest version. So I had a wonderful phone with the latest software which could receive but ot send text messages.

    Can’t wait to see the surprises that Storm No. 3 will bring.

  • Matt Kawczynski

    I’m still having bluetooth problem with the storm. It works fine with a few devices but not all. I have a Motorola Car Kit that the storm will work perfectly the FIRST time I fine it. But it will not reconnect and work correct again. I have to fully delete the Car Kit, reboot the phone and refind it to make it work for only one cycle. I also have the same problem with a few other devices. I have ver 141 running and still no fixes. Hope the new update works better if it ever gets here.

  • cliffr2006

    got my storm on contract and there are so many things i like about this phone but i cant help feeling i missed out on something better. Everytime i use my bluetooth it pairs with other phones but cannot retrieve or send files so what is the point and it honestly makes me feel like ive been falsely sold the phone, other problems seem to be the fact that the phone lock button only locks the screen and not the buttons and as a result ive made so many unwanted calls whilst the phone is in my pocket,yes the phone freezes at times but as a whole i can live with that,the speakerphone does turn on and i still havent figured how to turn it off without ending a call,when you fill the memory on the phone the pointer seems to need calibrating but there is no such feature, another annoying feature of this phone is i cant seem to find a flash player so if anyone can help with this id be really appreciative, and finally the web browsing can be slow at times but still is better than on some other phones. If you are considering this phone make sure you checkout all of the above with the retailer before you commit as these are major flaws.

  • Neil


    I too am having big problems with the storm dropping calls. I have had it for 1 months and have already rec’d a replacement, but same problem. The main reason I need the phone is to make and receive calls but both on speaker phone which seems useless unless you are right on top of it, and i normal handset mode – frequently callers are saying that they have momentarily lost me and that my voice costantly sounds distorted. the second phone went back fo investigation today, I expect it back within the week – I hope the problem is fixed cause there are some great features on it apart fro the actual phone!!! I wait to see

  • Cheri

    This phone drives me crazy. I have had the battery replaced twice and now the phone has been replaced twice. Everytime I charge the battery, it freezes and I have to remove the battery. My daughter and a couple of friends have the storm and don’t have problems. What am I doing wrong? I am so irritated with it. I wanted to exchange for a Curve and they wouldn’t do it.

  • Thom

    A screen which won’t lock, that being a cracked screen where a chip got bigger as your constantly pressing on it.

    The Phone almost constantly does something unexpected due to pressing it with my face during a call.

    The internet sometimes just doesn’t work for a whole day.

    The sound on the MP3 becomes rediculously quiet, prompting one of the slowest resets ever.

    unlocks itself and calls whoever it wants in my phone book, giving the person at the top of my contact list, reason to believe I was stalking her with obscene pocket rustling calls.

    Useless. An alternative to an Iphone, hitting way short of the mark and leaving me wanting to throw it in the microwave

  • adam Weidl

    Where do I start….well first off this is my second BB storm. The first one brand new out of the box glitches badly even with updates. It wouldn’t sink ro my computer,the camera would pop up like a small picture in picture when texting a lot forcing me to close the text down and re write
    It…its still does it today even with resetting it, and uploading updates. Its slow no matter how many times I dump the cache memory. Don’t bother seeing a tech el ya cause they just do all the routine checks the
    Phone techs tell you to do. Then they either replace the phone with
    Refirb that screws up anyways…or hand it back to tou saying we can’t duplicate the problems. When in reality they probably didn’t even touch it cause there prpbly sick and tired of fixing these things everyday! I m gonna try to swap my phone again, maybe ill get lucky. It makes me wonder if RIM even had a complete working model before release, judging by the comment
    On here I’d say they didn’t, and if – got the chance to ask the engineers I’m sure they say that they were rushed,underfunded and deadlined early. Oh and I can’t even get past the terms of agreement screen when I DL the new You tube Pp shifty deal. Shifty phone cause I loved my pearl.

  • martin

    The worst thing about the Storm is the signal strength and it’s supposed to be a phone / email devise foremost!
    Vodafone service is poor and they won’t admit what even the stores are saying – avoid the Storm!

  • john

    The storm has it problems the firmwear has issues and it seems to have issues with my outlook. I keep receiving mass emails from my work account 190-200 at a time none of them new. The phone doesn’t ring in areas where it says I have all bars, the calls just goto voicemail making it appear that I am screening calls. As yuo might imagine this doesn’t go over well at work. The bigger issue I have is with my cell provider that refuses to give me any fixes for these issues other than a reset for the phone. The strom clearly was released before all the bugs were worked out however, the provider should take some responsibility for marketing a dud. Lets hope the tour has some of these issues fixed.

  • Richard Fix

    I have had my Storm 6 months and have had 3 software updates ( 2 hours on the phone) had to pull my battery out to use the Storm and have just been sent a replacement Storm that I have had 3 weeks!!
    It now locks up and when I went to my Verizon store I was told that I need to pull the battery twice a week to re-boot the phone??? This is the most expensive piece of junk I have ever owned!! I really feel like Blackberry rushed this phone out to compete with the Iphone and the “PAYING” public are doing the R&D for RIM!! I was offered an upgrade if I wanted to pay for it and then lose all the money I have spent on my “STORM” !!!!

  • lenny

    this is my second bb storm that verizon has replaced and it died on me today at work,tomorrow have to go to verizon and see what they can do probably replace it with #3 .It is a joke that RIM put the storm on the market without debugging the damn thing,I am really thinking to switch to Iphone but the only thing that is holding me is I do not like the ATT service but like verizon.

  • Jamie

    The Blackberry Storm smartphone…..great design, Im having no issues with lag although start-up takes sooooooo long it bores me. My main issue with this gadget is the fact that one 15min phone call and my battery is almost dead, and yes, bluetooth is a no no, i dont even bother trying it anymore….. I could do with some help in knowing how to make the battery last longer as i dont always have access to a charger and i need my phone. If anyone has any idea’s even as much as power saving settings it would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • http://none Betsie

    I like my storm and i have to laugh at the people who return after 24hrs because the typing was to hard. I took a few days but i am very good at typing on it but the trouble i run into is it locks up so much. Especially when i am typing a txt message or using instant messenger. The alarm clock seems to make it time too. I reset the phone everyday like recommended. I suppose if it continues over the next few days, because the timing out last longer and longer, i will take it in. But its technology, not an exact science so i don’t expect it to be perfect. but i would like to not have to wait 14 mins to send my message :)

  • Gordon

    When I buy a new phone I like it to do certain things well, such as phone calls and texts, and the other stuff like music, camera etc is for playtime. The Storm doesn’t even do the phonecalls well, it keeps dropping them, poor quality sound, so I haven’t even got around to web browsing, e-mails and so on. I, and most others in my firm who were gives the Storm, have gone back to our old handsets – you can’t beat the Nokia 6300 as a phone – and junked the Blackberries. Never again, I’ll put my ipod and camera in my pocket next trip out.

  • Elijah

    Well where do I start????? The mute button seems to be in the wrong place as the person I’m talking to thinks that I have hung up on them. If you sit in an area with good coverage the phone will suddenly just loose coverage for no reason. Best for last…….the phone will either dial a random contact from you phone list or decide to play a video when the phone is in your pocket with the keypad lock on…….Brilliant!!!!!!

  • Rich

    This is simply the most frustrating, time consuming and disasterous piece of technology I haved ever owned!

    I have had so many porblems with this phone and sent it back to Vodafone several times. Despite software updates, my handset turns itself off randomly, the screen stops working, it sends emails while I am still typing them, it suddennly stops syncing with my Outlook, the screen flickers, the main green and red buttons do not work properly… i could go on!

    What is fustrating is that a lot of the features are very good, and I get used to using them and then they break or stop working temporarily. Arg!

    I am about to send my handset back to vodafone for a 3rd time but I am not holding my breath and expecting to continue to have problems. I want to know if their are any legal grounds in the UK to cancel my contract, as Vodafone have not provided a handset that is “fit for purpose”.

    Any thoughts?

    • eva

      How did you get on? I am having same issues!!!

  • peter

    I wish I had read this forum before I threw perfectly good dollars into the drain by purchasing a Blackberry Storm a couple of weeks ago. What a disgrace to release such a dodgy piece of work – looks like they decided to let the customers be the monkeys for this one. I have been in the technology industry for a long time and have learned to expect just a little better. I won’t EVER consider a Blackberry device again.

  • paula

    Is there a better battery available? Only use email calendar bb and texting. dont talk on phone much. No music or videos. Great reception here in Michigan. Got good internet access in boonies between saskatoon and regina when visiting up there last month. pretty good phone except for the battery. only added one thing—a bejeweled game, and now it only holds enough charge to last about 6 hours.Can you help?

  • stevie c

    I am close to madness with this phone. ever since I got it its been nothing but problems!

    *Battery lasts1/2 day, i now carry a charged spare.
    *battery pulls daily, locks up over everything
    *cannot get lastest update as memory at capacity
    *drops signal (this cant be verizone, im in the U.K all the time, even in areas that i am in regularly and know to be good covereage
    *mutes calls with my cheek when i turn to look to my right/le*t depending on what hand im holding it in
    *youtube buggy, wouldnt work at all *or about 3 months till vodaphone sorted it
    *mixdown quality on downloaded music very poor, tried the pre-sets but any bass just sits over all other *requencies, regardless o* headphones/speakers used
    *now i cannot press the screen, any call buttons or side buttons, all i can do is glide the touchscreen and highlight icons “clicky” buttons have shutdown completely, vodaphone say it will be sent away and i will loose everything, pics/vids o* my son/mrs/dogs etc all my phone numbers that aqre saved to device, tied to back up onto laptop but as i cant press any buttons on the device its just not happening. im seething, AVOID AVOID AVOID

    someone help me :-(

  • Doug Tate

    Unfortunately the storm is an absolute failure for me. Random battery life from ok-ish to non existent, lock ups, crashes, tendancy to go to speakerphone randomly, dreadful keyboard, poor spelling correcton (especially on the true type keyboard) are just some of the issues. My battery is now starting to come apart from being pulled so often.

    Basically as a business phone it’s a complete joke (it’s my third blackberry so I have a bit of knowedge here)

    I just replaced it with my old curve 8300, wich is a staggering improvement.

    In all honesty I could not recommend it to anyone. If you want style / fun get an i-phone (yep, I’ve had one as well), for business get a proper BB with a keyboard.

  • cabs393

    Hoping for a great phone but wasted the money for what I call a Blackberry Sponge, b/c it sucks up MY time by freezing (that damn ticking clock), icons appear corrupted and no asterisk appearing that alerts you have missed calls, msgs or emails (they may show in landscape but not in portrait).

    What kind of phone has the owner do battery pulls for phone resets? None, so wtf?

    Received calls appear out of order in the call log. Time and dates are mixed.

    After the third replacement, twice while at the store at last visit, I’m still frustrated with the same recurring problems.

    Definitely not enough time spent on the test market as the others have said.

    It sucks, so much potential, too much hype and quick draw marketing. While visiting the store for the 2nd time, I asked the verizon rep to turn the phone while viewing the in-store television advertising the storm. They make it seem so seemless, so immediate. Unfortunately, its clear that the real performance is much slower than advertised.

    This phone has failed me, 3 times. Time to move on.

  • Daq

    4th Blackberry Storm in Less Than 6 months.

    This phone is rubbish!!! after all they hype its unbelievable that something so crap could be sold. SMS messages not being received, screen freezing auto restarts for no reason….the list goes and when you ask Vodafone “IS it me or is their an issue with the Storm?” the answer you get is “No Sir, not sure whats wrong with your storm, must be something to do with the area you live in” I asked the same question to the courier who exchanged the phone and the answer i got was “spend most of time swapping storms”……back to the old curve which was solid.

  • Andrew *

    The 9500 is absolutely useless, not only does it not achieve good signal reception but it failed to pick up G2 signals. had it replaced and now completely dead after being recharged the night before. Quite frankly two baked bean tins and a piece of string would be better!!
    Phone freezes, battery discharges far too quickly and generally is useless for reliability

  • jason

    First of all Betsie, I would just like to say I have had my storm longer then 24hrs…almost a year to be precise. As far as technology not being an exact science…well I get more use out of my 9 year old Nokia. At least I can send a text, and unlock the bloody thing!
    I loved the storm when I first got it, but the software is just getting worse and’s some examples that some of you are obviously familiar with: 1. wont unlock 2. when texting cursor will suddenly jump to contacts and start adding random contacts….I dont even bother returning texts now as it is to much of a traumatic experience!! 3. mute on ear is annoying but more of design fault then technical 4. youtube…what youtube? 5. decides to go to speaker phone of its own accord 6. easily 10 battery pulls a day that seem to make no difference. At one point the phone wouldn’t even restart for a whole day, then decided to when it felt like it.
    Listen I can deal with a few glitches here and there…but this is just ridiculous! I pay£40 a month for a pile of ….! Like I said I am getting more use out of my old Nokia, I can send a text without wanting to smash the phone to pieces!
    This is my first BB and will be my last….I hear lots of good things about the curve, bold etc but I think I will go back to Nokia who I have never had a problem with in over ten years….shame as I had real high hopes for this phone, Shame BB couldn’t even get the basics right.

  • Birdynumnum

    I have had my Blackberry Storm for 5 months, and 2 of my mates also own Blackberry Storms. Its is a great phone but has MAJOR problems. Mine and one of my mates have had the screen just die on us requireing it to go and get repaired. My other mates has stopped working all together. The screen is frankly quite vulnerable to even the slightest bit of moisture and its one of those things that is unavoidable. Yes you can be careful and not take it in the shower with you or drop pints of beer over it, but frankly, simple being out on a moist day is enough to screw it up (after time). Apparantly this is a very common problem with the storm.

    Other drawbacks of the storm include an unacceptable battery life, a short text message conversation is enough to kill the battery and the standby and talktime life stated by RIM is a complete and total lie.

    The software can also be glitchy causing the phone to occasionally lockup and reboot for no apparant reason

    On a plus note however, as an actual handset, its fantastic. Its easy to use and the features are brillient. The phone is sleek and sexy and I for one actually like the way the whole screen is one big button.

    Its main faults in my opinion is the phone is frankly too weak for everyday normal use and the battery is a joke.

  • Brad

    Battery life SUCKS. I can put my phone in “lock mode” and in about 2 min it comes out of it without pressing anything. When the phone is out of lock mode the screen lights up every few min like you are trying to use the phone but once again I’m not touching anything. I’ve tried battery pulls and it makes it better for about 1 day. Any suggestions?

  • Lemesianos

    Hello their ,
    I am having problems opening the camera of the storm . It says that i should close other application and then try again . But i have nothing else open that use the camera . What should i do ? Please advice me . Thanks

  • Baba

    Battery is an absolute joke. Could probably do better with 2 AA batteries. The charge hardly last me through a day (12hrs) this is No text, No phone just email viewing not even sending. Last night I charged the battery for 4 hrs then swithched the phone off (as I must do every night) but soon as I swithched it on this morning, (an hr later perhaps) phone went completely dead; absolutely shocking. Not the first time this has happened either.

  • jason

    I had battery issues when I first got the storm. I changed a few settings e.g…back screen light from 100% to the lowest setting, change the default auto dim light to 10 seconds. Also I don’t want to teach you to suck eggs, but make sure you fully exit/close any programme you have had running and no longer require, as you can have multiple apps running at the same time and not even know it until you re-enter the app…..this will kill your battery.
    My Battery would not last half a day with normal use. After I adhered to the above I get around 2/3 days battery life with normal use.

    Shame that the software and phone itself is weak!….personally I cant wait for my contract to expire and go back to Nokia

  • jason

    I have officially reached breaking point today! I launched my phone across the room….smashing the only bloody thing that worked on it, the headphone jack! Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This phone is evil!

  • Emma


    Ugh im getting so angry with this phone. This morning i had a text come through but it wont let me open it. I can move the touch screen up and down but when i press on any of the apps on the main screen it doesn’t do anything. The proper buttons on the phone (green and red call buttons) work but i cant click onto anything. Cant view my texts, internet anything! HELP?!

  • James

    Bad bad bad

    The strom 2 is out coz they wana forget the first.

    Had it since may, done every update and not had a trouble free day (apart from the two months it was away for ‘repair’!)

    My old Nokia 3510i works awesome round my house, lucky if i get one bar on my Storm and it wont last more than 5 seconds.

    Its slow.

    It drains a battery faster than a 100w lightbulb

    Its got pathetic signal

    Its slow

    It doesnt do as its told

    Its slow

    Click screen couldnt be worse to use

    Interent is a nightmare due to screen…

    and did I mention the bad signal and poor speed!?

    I can recieve a text saying I have a voicemail and yet the phone hadnt moved from the spot adn should have had the call.

    Oh, it also waits till the last moment to actually make a noise for a incoming call, as in hjust before they hang up

    Does everything you dont want a phone to do.


  • Very Unsatisfied!!!!!

    Ugh, I have had a storm now since February and I have had nothing but problems, I figured alright it’s the FIRST touch screen from Blackberry/RIM so it’s going to have some problems but eventually they will be fixed, I got over the slowness, I even had it set to do a battery pull during the night. Never failed, I had to do atleast one more battery pull during the day. I went in Thursday to the Verizon store because I was having a Java problem with my phone, it’s a JVM 102 error or something like that. They couldn’t fix it, so I had to wait for them to receive the truck so they could replace it. GREAT! I get the phone home, restore my backup files onto my new phone because the previous phone was a lost cause.. (Thank God for backups) Everything is running great.. and THEN, Friday comes.. Phone is doing great all day, let me remind you, this is a brand new phone out of the box.. I’m sitting in a restaurant in one place, and my phone starts going in and out of Mountain Time Zone and Central Time Zone, THEN I lose all of my contacts.. I come home once again.. Try to restore my contacts.. and low and behold, I get an error.. SO now I don’t have my contacts, I hate the phone, and I’m absolutely ready to call Verizon and start complaining about this stupid phone, I think they should have given the Storm users and upgrade to the Storm 2, atleast then we’d have a more advance piece of crap! =(

  • http://vodafone sean osborne

    I can identify with most of the coments above, how given all these faults can Blackberry allow their good name to be tarnished by such an unreliable unit as the “storm” In my opinion this handset should have been aptly called the Blackberry “Glitch” My “Glitch” freezes, shuts down, turns the speaker on of its own accord, unlocks itself, doesnt ring when callers are ringing me, takes an eternity to re start after battery pulls, and the most annoying thing is Voda fone?Blackberry allow their loyal customers to be subject to this abuse. I am paying in access of £600 per year for this phone, Im heading for the Vod fone shop after I post this, be interesting to see if I am still a “glitch” user when I return. Watch this space

  • Candice

    I have had the storm for 6 months now, am a lover of blackberrys (had one since they first came out!) The storm is definately not one of my favorites…poor battery life, freezes randomly, speakerphone turns on… all of the same issues from above!!! What has helped is the new update to It is a different phone now, not sluggish, far faster and more responsive, has not yet frozen up. the only issue is that now when someone calls from my contacts, their name does not show up…only the phone number. I can live with that if this is the only issue. I love the touch screen, but am definately leaning towards the bold anytime now!

  • siobhan

    Just purchased the storm 2 on contract…
    Really happy with the phone but the bluetooth will not work at all… cant recieve anything.. its visible and on continuously.. but will only let me send things.. apart from that, great phone.. does the job.. quite pleased with it…

  • mohan


  • James

    Had 2 storms earlier this year one for me one for my colleage i lasted 4 weeks before i crumbled like a jibbering wreck i called Vodafone to beg them to take it back, it turned out very little begging was required when i told them it was a storm that was ruining my life, i have returned to my trusty old Nokia love it, i thought my problems were now over but there not when ever i call my colleage i cannot hear him i forever misses calls from me because he cant hear the storm and half the time it fails to connect to his car bluetooth i am going to steel it and burn it.






  • Jodi

    The storm sucks. Sometimes it rings and alerts you, others it doesn’t. sometimes the voice recognition works, sometimes it doesn’t. internet is SLOW! Synch is a PIA with the mac, even with the $40 software i purchased to improve my life. Whole thing is a headache. Battery life is not impressive. freezes and messes up often. screen is wacky. types slow. takes a while to flip screens. miss my old plam:(

  • Ashley

    My storm 2 drops all my calls constantly… How can I stop this problem? Is there any sort of update or anything that will let me have a Normal Conversation without having to call the person back 45 times to finish one sentence? Everything else is great except this.

  • viperdada

    let’s see, storm, yeh great name for a bad device. first one, lasted the longest, was looking for automatic software update for a week, trip to verizon, they could not up date it, replaced the phone with somebody elses headache. second one, one phone call, tap screen quit, back to vz, replaced the phone, 3rd phone, two weeks later, smelled something burning, phone was cooking, not even on charge, back to vz while still hot, then phone #4, then calm, does it work, really? battery quit, replaced, no problem,bluetooth looses pairing in my u-connect in the dodge truck, then screen would only work if you tapped the back of the phone, now 5th and last storm. This gem has been flawless, until yesturday. “radio” showed off, I went to active radio, would not do it, I pulled the battery, reboot, it pulled in all e-mails, then back off, tried again, same thing. then while placed on floor, my heal drove the phone into the ground, DOA the strorm has passed

  • Yovha

    Does anyone have problems with the keyboard? I do!!!!!! and it really gets me nuts! please, help!

  • David

    sooooo wish i had read this thread before i bought this piece of serious junk! Storm is a great name..constantly dropping calls.. must be something in trade descriptions because mobile phone it aint!!! avoid like like the plague!!!

  • Paul

    Are there any fixes to prvent the storm dropping calls yet; very annoying!

  • Paul

    I would strongly recommend that you do not purchase the Storm, if you have then i guess you are having the same issues as me. Types too slowly, drops calls too frequently, extremely slow to lock, slow to go to a certain application such as contacts page, screen slow to change to upright or horizontal, bluetooth link up to hands free is very poor and drops often. Did a test with the same handsfree, the storm and the iphone in the same location and the clarity when using the iphone was very clear the storm however was awful. I keep mine as up to date as possible and mainly use it for business.
    I know nothing is perfect but these faults are far to frustrating. Do not waste your money and buy on impulse as i did.

  • pinder

    hey folks ive been using storm 1 now from past 4 months and i dont have any complaints and its working perfectly fine with me .i love this phone actually.i have only one problem that is with caller id actually whenever i am talkint to anyone and gets a call durin my old call and i put ther first one on hols it keep on displaying the new caller id regardless i disconnect the call and flash back to my old call which was on hold?? does anyone has solution to this…everything else is perfectly fine..can you plz send me solution [email protected] i will appreciate your help..thanx

  • tanya

    bought my storm in nov. on my 3rd phone already and the last phone only last about 22 hours before the screen stopped clicking. problem is i really like the phone just can’t seem to get one that works properly without something breaking on it. black berry should recall the phones and fix these issues before putting them back on the shelves

  • Shane

    Had my Storm three months running on Vodafone in the UK. Call signal pretty good most places and very little drop out. If it does, it’s normally the network not the phone’s fault.

    Had my first freeze/battery pull today when Contacts froze, but pulled it down to me putting ahi-res image in the contact info for my son. Reduced the image size and it works fine.

    Most frustrating for me is the fiddle-factor of the touch screen and the fact that I still don’t understand half the stuff it can do. Add to that last week’s ‘Apple-look-a-like’ upgrade that reduces the text typing window to a single line and my frustration is now mounting.

    Still cooler than being an Apple-twat though.

  • Ladi

    This storm is really putting my life in the storm. It’s so frustrating to use and the many, many glitches. It’s responsible enough if the rubbish would be recalled and replaced with another model. Only if i had known!

  • Andreas E

    My Storm has been a complete nightmare. The most frustrating issue is the fact my ear either mutes a call or places a call on hold whilst I’m speaking! This touch screen being active during a call has to be the worst design flaw I have ever experienced. After a bit of research on Google I found a couple of applications that will lock the screen during a call. I was rather annoyed that I would need to pay for them, a little further research and I have found an application for free that has rectified the problem, it is called StormLocker and I downloaded it from here

    Other annoyoing issues are the dropping of calls because of the network, I have used other older models of Blackberry and Nokia handsets and this doesn’t happen. After various hours on calls to tech guys I worked out that the 3G signal is to blame. This is because there is no complete coverage of 3G, so when the 3G bounces low the phone tries to go into 2G mode and drops your call. The only solution to this problem was to switch the phone into 2G mode through ‘Network Options’ menu. This then rectified that problem completely. Since I don’t ever use 3G this doesn’t bother me, I’m well over the frustration of trying to use Youtube anyway so I use 2G and finally I got a phone that can actually be used as a phone!

    One issue that drives me crazy is when the battery goes nearly flat I lose the radio signal thus can’t make or recieve calls, texts or email, you might ask ‘What’s the problem, just charge the phone’, it’s not that easy, you place the phone on charge and takes, I’m not exaggerating, 10 (ten) whole minutes to switch my signal back on. 10 frustrating little minutes of waiting before I can call the person back because the stupid Storm will not switch on.

    My advice is dont get this phone, even if it’s given to you for free with a cherry on top. I stupidly signed up to a 18 month contract of which I have 6 months left and I can’t wait to get rid of this piece of junk.

    Thanks for enduring my ramble and hope my advice helps you.


  • Ross

    I’ve had this phone for 15 months now – I cannot wait till I can upgrade.
    While I loved this phone from day 1, I can’t stand it anymore – its signal is completely rubbish. Where I used to get signal on my old Sony Ericsson, I cannot get signal on the BlackBerry.
    The most useful thing on a mobile is reception as that’s primarily what it’s for – making calls.
    In my house which is very close to a popular town and a severely high amount of phone masts, the BB cannot and will not get signal.
    Apart from the VERY bad signal, it’s not a bad phone, it’s good once you have signal, you can do a numerous amount of things such as being on MSN, having a 16GB memory card and well let’s be honest.
    As much as I adore this phone, I hate it more.
    3 months till I can upgrade, I’m going to go to Apple’s iPhone without a doubt.

    My BB score:
    Fun: 4/5

    Looks: 4/5 – It’s a head turner. Despite having it for 15 months, I still get people coming up to me amazed to see a touchscreen BlackBerry

    Battery life: 2/5

    Signal: 0/5

    Screen Resolution: 5/5

    Media playback: 5/5

    Camera: 3.5/5

    Overall: 3/5

    ^ If it wasn’t so good at playing back movies and music, I’d have ditched it long ago.

  • Phil pollina

    I have a storm 2, one week old and I am getting seperation between the plastic and the metal on the top of the phone near the lock bottom. The verizon store states that they would consider this damage to the phone. The phone is one week old. They compared it to a sample phone and said they think it is fine. Does anyone have this problem?

  • Mark Scriven

    I can’t switch the phone on. The red light’s flashing and the screen is blank, just flickering between black and white with a small clock in the midddle of the screen, with a small dial going round and round.

  • tunde

    my storm is so freakin messed up. the touch screen doesnt respond well at all. I try to click an app but insted it clicks something else also while tryin to send a text some letters dont respond pls can anyone help me out???????????????????

  • Becky Lipscombe

    I think the Blackberry Storm is a joke, i have had it under a year, and i am already on my 6th phone as they keep exchanging it for the same model. I have constantly been trying to explain that i want it exchanged for a different model for example the curve, but apparently thats ‘not possible’. The battery lasts barely a day, the signal is rubbish, it doesnt stay locked so the battery is drained even quicker, it shuts itself off, it freezes when i rotate, and has a very slow response if i try to type. I pay a lot of money each month for this phone, and this is not what i expected to be paying for. Unfortunatly i got roped into a 24 month contract, which i am desperatly trying to wriggle my way out of. I hate this phone, i tried getting used to it, but all i keep getting is recurring problems.

  • Polly

    the screen on my blackberry storm keeps going black and I have to pull the battery and replace it before screen will come back on. Even this sometimes doesn’t work every time. Now, when I type, it shows every other letter or number. The second number/letter doesn’t show up until the next one is typed. Driving me crazy. Makes the calculator useless to me. Anyone have any solutions? Most of the time I love this phone, but when it’s messing up, which is more and more frequently, I’d almost like to smash it.

  • Zian Yano

    Ok, so had my Storm about 6 months now…and it’s pissing me off. Here’s my problems.

    Freezes when I send a photo message, requires a battery restart.

    Takes 5 minutes to send a text message.

    Doesn’t let me answer calls cause screen locks up.

    Photos have a purple foggy boarder around em.

    Video’s Audio sucks ballllls.

    Kicks me off the internet.

    and the list goes on…and on…

    all verizon told me was it was a update problem, I got in his face considering I’m a computer tech guy and told him no, it’s a BB problem…and they actually refused to help me.

  • Zian Yano

    Not only is the storm the only phone where it’s required in the handbook to take the battery out and replace it daily. But it’s also the only one that requires you to take it out just to turn it off.

  • Emma

    I am having lots of problems with my storm, I wish I had got one with buttons, the major problem I am having is it highlights and deletes texts messages as I’m writing them, very frustrating and takes about 5-6 attempts at rewriting before I get to send the text, any ideas please

  • Won Von

    Where should I start with this this phone is by far the worst phone i have ever had. The battery life is bull if i get on youtube it will drain the battery faster then shit commin out ya ass and it will stay connected til u do a battery pull. The phone freezes for no reason and tht damn lil clock keeps commin up and wastin my time. Verizon says to reboot the phone and i say any phone will work the way it should if its butt naked wit nothing on it…The phone sucks wish i could get a droid cuz storm blows

  • Robby Raines

    I am having the same problem with my storm that alot of people are having. I have to do about two batterty pulls a day, if not more. At first it was a cool phone but lately it has given me nothing but problems. As soon as I can I am going to the iphone or the droid. I think Blackberry had a good idea but fell short on fixing the glitches and firmware problems. Over-all I give it a 3 out of 10.

  • sue

    I think the blakberry storm is rubbish worst ever invention, ive had nothing but trouble. Ive taken the thing back 5 times n its got the new softwear but still conks out, im going to take it back and try to swap it. It freezers, it cuts out, it dose the total oppersit to what i want it to do, it takes pictures on its own accord, i can't use the full screen on it even after its supposed to have been fixed. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.

  • Mark

    Uk based user………….signal worse than my 1995 analogue phone…………causing endless embaressment as I cannot hear my customers…………….T-mobile will not swap…………Blackberry should be embaressed…………….hello any other network and android.

  • nelson

    i Have two storm and storm two with vodafone , i have had 8 returns 2 with storm 6 with st two all the same prob freezing sometimes for days even with bat pull . vodafone have stopped selling it also. they know the problems and are happy to send me new ones when ever i call. i have had enough asked vodafone if i can change to another touch phone but no go so i am going to go public see if news paper would like the story and see if i get feed back i am paying £90 per month plus my bills can be big so they making money out of me . i hate the blackberry and will never get one again iphone beats it hands down and the new 4.0 os on iphone will be even better .

  • Kim

    The Blackberry Storm is a terrible phone. I’ve had mine for 11 months and it has been disastrous. Seems every week there is a new problem. The touch screen has always created a tiresome messaging process but now the screen prefers to click randomly selected letters instead of those that I choose. It is completely unusable for communications and since last week it deleted all my phone numbers and texts while it updated itself, it is now not even suitable as a phone book. Useless. They are complete junk, blackberry should recall the lot of them and provide phones that actually work.

  • begood

    I've had 3 storms, got girlfriend one. just last week, it just stopped powering up, wasn't the battery. store said nothing they could do. this week, mine did the same thing. won't power up, red light stays on, but never comes on. i shoul'dve listened to the salesman, he warned me not to get it.

  • william jade abrahan

    im using the phone for a week and the only problem i encountered(so far) is that everytime i make or recieve a call, after 20 sec the will be cut.. i dont if its a network or phone settings problem… please help with this!! thanks!

  • Chuck

    I bought a bb storm. I hate it. It drives my blood pressure so high. I want to beat it to death like the fax machine in Office Space. I never can pick up an incoming call because it freezes. I clear the memory try doing a battery pull but that’s good for only a couple of hours. I shut down all my application and it goes slower. It loves to drive me nuts.

    It runs on alternative fuel on the plus side. By scientifically driving my blood pressure high it recharges the batteries.

    At least the that’s the only reason i can think of you would make a phone this bad.

  • K.I.

    I bought my storm last january…. I had some of the issues listed above, but last week, the screen blacked-out, so I took it to the store where I've bought it and they told me it was sth called "flex" and "inteligent board"… so I don't know.. maybe it's just bad luck for me, but I've heard many other complaints like when it freezes, or even when you can't simply answer a phone call 'cause the phone's frozen. Appart from that, the phone's great! I love it

  • rohan

    i gifted bb storm to my girlfriend, day by day the application memory started draining .i told her 2 remove the applications which she never uses …which though gav a lil boost to the aap memory.. but it gradually started draining its memory…now she doesnt hav any app but still the memory is draing down..
    and the most imp fact is she's nt installed any application ,she checked the data base files which also doesnt clearly shows up anything…cud u kindly help urgently please…

  • Eazy

    I'm officially on my 3rd Storm & I am about to be on my 4th in another week. I got my Storm last September and they all seem to have the same issue. After a few months (I have only had my 3rd and current Storm for about 4 weeks) the battery refuses to charge. You can wiggle and jiggle your phone all you want, but eventually you will need to replace it. I know of 3 other friends who switched to a different BB or another brand altogether. The worst part is I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet so I'm stuck with this phone for a while if I want another BB. And my biggest worry is that once my warantee runs out that my phone will once again break & I will be stuck with a paperweight. But there is good news. I recently received a text from Verizon saying I am eligible to upgrade to a Droid. So there is a good chance I'm gonna be an ex-Blackberry user in the coming weeks. I really like the Storm, but I can't wait for my BB upgrade to get a new one. Which isn't cool, because I know the Storm 3 is around the corner and I have a feeling it will be an incredible phone.

  • ruffino

    you can use your black berry as a modem with a usb and downloading black berry desktop from triple w dot downloads. com works better than cricket wireless and they charge 40 dollars a month. pay ur cell and get internet for free finaly helping my people the world save money and telling you how. usb downloads and any phone that u can use as a modem for ur lap top or desktop. check online. i rep for my city mcallen tx. metstylez.

  • dickie

    my blackbrry screen has gone silly
    i turn on phone comes up with the vodafone logo then just goes black will not answer callls either with button or screeen

  • ashleigh

    i dropped my blackberry and it hasnt worked since but if i put the charger in and try to switch it on a red button stays on for a while and then goes of for a few seconds and flashes? is it broke or?

    • Ginamae11

      same thing happend to mine ! have know clue what to doo!

  • mike rawashdeh

    the storm is aproblem phone,, i will not buy any balckberry ever again

  • JG210

    I have the blackberry storm and I have a question. I have the facebook app and emails set up. Under the messages button, I can never seem to be able to delete the facebook notificiations. I am able to delete it from the email button but not the "messages" button. Why? and How can I change that?

  • Oche

    Hi, I got a Black Berry 9500 storm, running on v5.0.0.451 (platform a month ago and at first it was performing fine but lately, it keeps restarting without my instruction. The keys are strong also. Some times I am forced to remove the battery. The annoying thing is that, it freezes when picking a call. Any help please. Oche

  • Joseph

    my back light on my screen just wont turn on, you have to twist the phone to get it turn on and even then it doesn't stay, tbh i think the phone is just terrible and plus my touch screen keeps sticking in when i click down and i have to tap the back to make it stay

  • bernardp

    hi my BB storm haves problem when i type it freezes can somebody help me!!

  • SportzAngel87

    hi my blackberry storm 9530 wont turn on after i removed the battery and inserted the battery again why

  • SportzAngel87

    hi my blackberry storm 9530 wont turn on after i removed the battery and inserted the battery again why

  • Mohammad Dawas

    hey, my BB curve 8520 makes a cracking noise When i make a phone call or someone calls me and is all distorted, yet the person on the other end of the phone cant hear it.
    any ideas plz :(

  • Anonymous

    hi i had my blackberry storm2 from Verizon over 2yrs now!!! no problems it fell, it got wet, it got sat on, shoved, it gave a lil trouble hear an there nottin much but now :( it jus started going crazy i work an i was using messenger an it was going nuts every time i type it will go to a app ore home screen so i pulled out the bat an pop it back inn still going nuts got a lil upset an did it again den it said uncaught exception 5-5v some crap like that den i’m pressing an pressing an nottin so i had change my buttons around the side button was the came an the other was messenger an dey work but still cant type or access anything can u help i’m missing it :(

    • Anonymous

      me too! HELP pLease RIM!

      • De Vaughn

        @annchoy i found the problem its the digertizer…i goes bad as the phone get older an used so time to time like any other phone prats do go bad….well u can take ur phone to any electronic store to repair it should not cost no more than a $100 bucks

  • Claude Pack

    my blackberry storm 2 9550 has frozen or somthin, like i can still see the main screen and everything, and i can see what time it is, that i have a new message and everything, but it just wont let me press on the screen. and when the screen goes black it will let me press it down and the screen will light back up, but when its lit back up, it wont let me press it. please help me!

  • Anonymous

    my storm 1 wen off and it not coming back on ,when i put in the charger the red light comes on for about 5secs. and then it goes off but the phones does not come on .why.plz help

  • Anonymous

    i got my storm 2 yesterday but wen i get a call i can hear the person on the other side very well but they not hearin me but some persons said that probly something need to turn up but i dont kno wat to do can some one plz help me

    • Janice

      im having the very same problem….help me plz.

      • Raven_moongoddess

        i had the same problem. I took it in to be checked. They found a fault in the earpiece inside the phone. I got a replacement phone as they said it was not repairable.

  • pros b plus

    i got my storm 2  on the 7 of October but  my speakerphone is not working only with ear piece help

  • arch 23

    Hey, I’m having trouble getting connection to the app store, and all the other things with the access like browser, Navigation exc..any suggestions to fix this?

  • Lucastorres

    My Blacberry Storm stop working when ever and start a reboot all by itself.  Last Saturday it turn of all the communication radios out of the blues.  Saturday morning I just finished a call to by boss and went to a job site where I had to make a phone call to get access to the site, my phone kept telling me that there was a call in progress and was not able to make another call.  There was no phone call in progress at all, the only was for me to make a call was to take the battery off the phone and force a reboot.

  • D Empress

    I recieved my first blackberry storm1 in september of this year the only problem i had was the constant freezing. a few days ago i woke up to a blacked out phone thought the battery was dead so wen i plugged it in and turned it on the screen still was black im highly fustrated a black berry is alot of money in the caribbean 

  • Efrencatena

    my BB storm not responding when you press the screen

    • Vado212

      Try taking your battery cover off or if you have a case take it off. Because it could be heating up. I had the exact problem with mines and that what I did. It isnt realy giving me no more problems yet and also try to always when you are done using it to lock your screen that help alot with mines. P.S. I only had mines for like a week and it started giving me problems.

    • Vado212

      Try taking your battery cover off or if you have a case take it off. Because it could be heating up. I had the exact problem with mines and that what I did. It isnt realy giving me no more problems yet and also try to always when you are done using it to lock your screen that help alot with mines. P.S. I only had mines for like a week and it started giving me problems.

  • Pure99insanity

    my blackberry storm wont come on….d light blinks 

  • Lornarevels

    my BB storm 2 blacks out every time the time limit ends and it never comes back on when i hit the lock button/ power button but the keypad lights are still on and the led lights blinks… i tried mutiple battery pulls and it doesnt work, i need help fast!

  • Kersry_todd

    Ok my cousins bb storm keeps going black but the buttons on the bottom are on and it’s a new phone bc the other one done the same we took the battery out but it come on norm. for about 30 sec then goes black so what shall we try to do

  • furstrated

    I’m from the  Grenada  got a storm on friday  and i turned it on friday night .on saturday morning i took d phone n saw it was off so i put it to charge d red light comes on but the phone never turn on . thats a shame n disgrace not to mention i paid over a thousand dollars for the phone and never get to use it

    • emperador

      i have experienced it too but i know how to turn it on with that red light only blinking..
      try to charge your storm by only 3-5 minutes,you can see the red light is blinking, after 5 mins,remove the phone from the charger,dont mind if its still blinking just remove the phone, then remove the battery from your phone for just 5-10 seconds then put it again.. you can see the red light will flash steady, then automatically the phone will restart just wait until the loading of blackberry.. then your phone is turned on now with a little amount of battery,then you can charge it now.. 

      if it doesn’t work,try to charge to 5-10 minutes rather than 3-5 minutes..

      i think the problem of storm is that you must not let your storm turn to an empty battery with a numbers of hours like 8-12 hours, as soon the battery will deplete.. just charge it dont wait until it shut down.

  • Knrckknight

    My blackberry camera is not working. i click on the camera and it is telling me that i must close the open applications and retry again but i cant find what application is open 

  • Samantharees

    i bought a blackberry 9700 and i cant get rid of the other persons blackberry i.d to put my own in can anyone help?

  • Bsampson

    my BB storm does not give me an option to change language what can I do to change this

  • rony

    I have BB Strom 9500. the signal is turn off. already try all solution from software and hardware repair but it never to come on.
    why RIM have this kind of phone?

  • Danish Gussani


  • O”TEE

    my blackberry 9500 keeps on freezing and there is cycle clock on the center what am suppose to do now

  • moses

    i removed my battery and placed in it back in the phone ……….when switched it on … keeps on writing RELOAD SOFTWARE 552……..plz whats wrong with my blackberry storm

  • dr love

    my storm touch is gone why is that my phone never fall down or no water contact

  • Itoe Mukete

    i have a bb storm 2 9950. my phone’s network fails momentarily while it displays the network bars on the screen and the internet works.

    also the screen does not click and i will need to restart

  • Paul

    just gt a upgrade now my old blackberry curve will not work it powers up then says APP ERROR 523 RESET duz enyone no y n how to fix it

  • Chicco Zimbiri

    I hv a blackberry storm 1 but the buttons kip on getting mixed up when am typing a message.Even the screen color changes too.what cn b the problem??.help plz

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