Video: Motorola Canada tests the Motorola V750

The Motorola V750, just how rugged is it? Well Motorola Canada has produced a video testing out the Motorola V750 and we have it below this post for you.

The Motorola V750 mobile handset was launched on Telus back in December 08 and is one of Motorola’s rugged mobile phones.

The Telus branded Motorola V750 conforms to US Military spec requirements and Motorola has tested the V750 against snow, life and shock by throwing the handset onto the ground, and heat. Check out Motorola Canada’s video below to see just how well the Motorola V750 handset faired.


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    derek says:

    motorola v750, the handset speaker has given out on me i have to use the speaker phone function for calls and as usual telus is horrible for txt msgs duplicates and unable to send

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