Google to launch paid app on Android Market next week?

We heard a while ago the Google was considering bring paid applications to the Android market, and we are now hearing that this could possible happen as soon as next week.

Android is pushing out RC33 to T-Mobile G1 owners over in the States so it looks like Google is poised to offer premium paid apps via their Android Market.

We figure that Google will probably debut for-pay Android applications next week in time for the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, and we believe Google is only waiting until Android RC33 has rolled out across America.

Source — intomobile


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    be_fit says:

    I’ve been really happy with the google market thus far. I’ve gotten some of my favorite apps, like CardioTrainer, for free! Can’t wait to see what adding paid apps to the market will do!

    runnners: here’s a link to one of my runs using CardioTrainer that I uploaded to My Maps : http://tinyurl.com/b9bkg9

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