Wanted by VMware dual OS virtualized smartphones

Some find it easy and others find it quite hard to select your smartphone, with so many now out there on the market just how do you chose the right one for you.

The decisions are made harder by the options that we now have including of course, the iPhone OS, WebOS, Android and Windows Mobile having more options makes selecting your perfect smartphone a lot harder.

It would be a lot easier if you could have two wouldn’t it?, well that’s what VMware the virtualization giant is currently aiming for. The ability to dual Oses in one smartphone. They already have prototypes running including Android and WinMo amongst others.

Sadly a big delay from the earlier indications as to the release as we have been told now its not likely to hit the market until 2012. The vision for this tech is expected to see users switching between environments on the fly taking and making calls in either. Source – engadget.com

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