Microsoft Keynote to be held at CES 2010 on the web

Microsoft will once again be broadcasting their CES keynote live on the Web. Chief executive officer of Microsoft Steve Ballmer and president of the Entertainment & devices division will be holding the keynote.

They will be holding the keynote live on the web on Wednesday January 6th at 6.30pm PST. Previously the pair held the 2009 CES keynote which was when Microsoft announced Windows 7 going open beta.

It is expected that Microsoft could this year at the CES 2010 reveal and unveil more information and details on Project Natal and Windows Mobile 7.

Microsoft have really had some serious thinking to do with the Google Nexus One about to come to the surface. CES news is already pouring in prior to the start which will be 7th January 2010 and continues through until the 10th. Source –

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  • Julie Featherstrom

    Microsoft needs to… must… preview Windows Mobile 7 at the keynote.

    Normally, previewing the next version of an OS might affect sales of the current OS. However, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is in dire straits, as a loss of consumer confidence is leading people to believe that the platform may be discontinued in the next year.

    So far, Windows Mobile 7 has just been vaporware. It was supposed to come out last year, but didn’t. Ballmer needs to demonstrate the OS to let everyone know that it really does exist, and that Microsoft is doing something in mobile. We haven’t yet seen any evidence that Microsoft can survive in the mobile world.

  • celulares

    I agree, Windows Mobile 7 will die before even see the light if they keep pushing dates like this

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