Verizon Wants iPhone 4 But Will Still Do Well Without It

Somewhat of a disappointment for customers of the Big Red, when Jobs announced the new iPhone 4 device there was no sniff of a possible Verizon iPhone, something many have wanted to come about for ages.

According to a Spencer E. Ante article over on the Wall Street Journal, although Verizon would like to have the iPhone 4 they do have a “Plan B” by deepening relations with Google, HTC and Motorola and finally making progress in the smartphone arena with Android.

Since the Big Red’s deal with Android giant Google, Verizon has pushed out 2 hit Android smartphones, the Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Incredible giving Verizon a smartphone market share rise of roughly a percentage point to 24.1 percent while rival and iPhone carrier AT&T dropped almost 4 points to 41.9 percent.

John Killian, chief financial officer for Verizon, on May 18th told investors that, “We are going to do as well as if we had the iPhone.”

Apparently according to comScore, more Verizon customers are purchasing smartphones but only 16 percent of Verizon customers over the age of 13 currently use a smartphone while the figure stands at 33 percent with AT&T, and last quarter, AT&T collected 18 percent more per month in data revenue than Verizon.

Lowell McAdam, Verizon Chief Exec has previously stated that they talk with Apple at least once a quarter, and says “There are a lot of interesting things we can do together, and I am confident that eventually we will.”

However until such times as the elusive Verizon iPhone does come about, Verizon’s relationships with Google and key smartphone makers such as HTC and Motorola give them an edge over the iPhone in as much as they aren’t too dependant on a single device.

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