O2 iPhone 4 Early Upgrade Contract Renewal Charge Checker

O2 is doing a special Early Upgrade scheme for when the latest device from Apple hits UK shores and is an Early Upgrade for Pay Monthly and O2 Business customers wishing you gain the iPhone 4 when it sees release on the 24th of June.

The O2 deal is a simple one in as much as rather than having to pay off you current contract in full, customers have the opportunity to pay a single reduced charge which is equal to £20 for every complete month remaining of your current contract.

However this reduced cost cannot be combined with any previous early upgrade edibility the customer may have as part of the O2 Priority List.

O2 now has available their iPhone 4 Early Upgrade Contract Renewal Charge Checker which you can find (here) whereby entering your current contract renewal date the checker will estimate how much your particular early upgrade charge will be, and if you are unsure of your contract renewal date as of midday today the 10th of June you can text DATE to 21302 to receive your contract renewal date.

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