O2 iPhone 4 Pay Monthly Customer: How To Upgrade

Well now when that shiny new iPhone 4 hits the UK, if you are an O2 pay monthly customer you’ll need to know how to upgrade to the new device, and O2 has now published how you can upgrade.

So, if you are an O2 Pay Monthly customer, there are several ways you can upgrade. Firstly, O2 customers currently eligible for an upgrade can upgrade online or in store when the iPhone 4 goes on sale on June 24th.

If you are presently in the middle of your O2 contract there are 3 options to upgrade available. Option 1 is an early upgrade offer whereby for a one-off reduced charge equal to £20 for every month remaining on your existing contract, you can upgrade straight away as soon as the iPhone 4 is available.

Option 2 is to purchase the new iPhone 4 on Pay & Go if you don’t wish to upgrade to the iPhone 4 on Pay Monthly; however, you will still need to continue to pay your current Pay Monthly contract, although Pay Monthly customers with O2 Insure opting for a Pay & Go iPhone 4 can move their Pay & Go iPhone 4 to their existing policy.

Option 3 is fairly simple; you wait until you are eligible for an upgrade as all O2 Pay Monthly customers are part of the O2 Priority List and everyone has the opportunity for an early upgrade which is…Platinum customer can upgrade 6 months early, Gold customer can upgrade 3 months early, and Silver or Blue customers can upgrade 1 month early.

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