iOS, the Operating System Developers Stick With Rather Than Android

The Android platform continues to spread across the globe at great speed, which would lean one to believe that app developers would be opting to develop for Android, but apparently that isn’t the case as it appears that developers prefer iOS.

According to an article over on Technobuffalo, the latest Mobile Mix report has now been released by Millennial Media which shows although Android has grabbed 15% market share, developers are not shadowing that trend, and although Apple is still in the lead with market share, it is failing.

However, apparently developers are staying “platform agnostic” for the most part. Apparently just 10% of developers are working on multiple platforms, something that is worrying Microsoft and their upcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system, so much so that according to a Pocketgamer report, Microsoft is paying iOS devs to port their applications over to WP7.

At this point it would appear that what can make or break a smartphone these days is its applications, and it appears that developers are preferring to stick with the iPhone’s iOS rather than develop for Android and other platforms.

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