iOS 4 Compatible Windows Live Messenger for iPhone Available

Social networking Windows Live Messenger app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is now available to download from the Apple iTunes App Store and enables your Apple device to instant message your friends and family.

According to an article over on Appshopper, with Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone you can comment of friends status’s and photos from Windows Live, MySpace and Facebook and view what is being shared from YouTube and Flickr along with numerous other social sites.

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone features the ability to instantly chat with Windows Live and Y! Messenger contacts and even allows the user to receive instant message notifications when Windows Live Messenger app is closed.

Apparently the good thing with Windows Live messenger for iPhone is it is compatible with iOS 4 which is due to be released in a few hours time. You need to visit http://profile.live.com/Services and set-up Windows Live and bring in all your social networks so you can stay connected with all your friends and family.


2 thoughts on “iOS 4 Compatible Windows Live Messenger for iPhone Available”

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    Ed says:

    Windows Live Messenger doesn’t work on my iphone, let alone have fast app switching. I am on iOS4 and it wont show anyone online, and it wont show me as online to the world.

    Plus it doesn’t save its state and reinitialise where i left it when i press the home button.


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