iOS 4 Download Poll: What Feature are you waiting for?

The new iOS 4 update for the iPhone is being released today by Apple and this is even bigger news than the iPhone 4 release itself, what feature from the new operating system are you waiting for the most.

Many new features to be added to the Apple iPhone such as Game Centre, multitasking, Bluetooth keyboard support, digital camera zoom, iBooks, iAd, App specific location setting, video calling will only be available on the new iPhone 4 released June 24.

Below we have listed the main features that the new iOS 4 will give you for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, other main features will include: iBooks, portrait orientation lock, 5x digital camera zoom, tap to focus, compass app support, wallpapers for home screen, unified inbox, custom dictionary, categorized app folders, rotate and resize photos, app gifting, persistant Wi-Fi, and all game support.

Below you will see we have added a poll and all you need to do is click the field that excites you, we would love to know what iOS 4 update feature you are waiting for the most.

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