iPhone 4: 3UK Offers Free Tethering As Undercut Attraction?

UK carriers offering the new iPhone 4 have been releasing their tariffs upon the populace for a few days now, and as reported earlier, 3UK is holding off announcing their tariffs hoping to undercut all the others, you can read that report (here)

However, according to Mic Wright, over on Electricpig, DBMandrake of 3G Forum took the opportunity to delve into 3UK’s arrier update and apparently has discovered that tethering for the iPhone 4 will be automatically configured.

Here’s what DBMandrake says… “It should work with no special data plan…in fact, they won’t be able to tell apart the phone and tethering data use.”

According to Wright, if DBMandrake is correct, it should mean 3UK ‘s iPhone 4 packages will offer tethering as part of their standard iPhone 4 data deals, and thus undercut other networks as other carriers are charging extra for the tethering service.


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    JBT says:

    I have tested this out on my unlocked iPhone and used my brothers Three sim and with the latest three carrier setting tethering works!!!

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