iPhone 4 Signal Loss Claim Inaccurate

By now we all know that Apple is claiming that the iPhone 4 antenna problem is caused by a “slightly inaccurate signal loss bar.” However, according to Consumer Reports they were able to reproduce the signal loss, and isn’t caused by an inaccurate bar display.

According to an article over on Techeye by Nick Farrell, the issue isn’t as Apple claims as “The drop had a significant effect on both call success and quality.”

Mike Gikas of Consumer Reports has stated that as he held the iPhone 4 in what has become known as the “Death Grip” the signal strength started to fall in the meter form the original 3 or 4 bars down to 0 bars depending on his location within his house.

Apparently it took 5 seconds to drop and has a “significant effect” on both call quality and success, and when in a low signal state calls made to the iPhone 4 from a Motorola Droid on the Verizon network failed repeatedly.

Apparently it looks like “nothing to do with the display” and wireless experts believe it is a design flaw so the Apple software fix will not help, and will “especially not work” if Apple believes the reason is a “dodgy wireless meter.”


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    Daniel says:

    i find it staggering that the new iphone has such a fundamental flaw – how did they let this slip through the net?

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    J.B. says:

    Try this:
    Play some music on your iPhone 4 and turn the volume up full. The meter is showing full volume – yes? Now put your finger over the speaker so as to stop the sound getting out – you can't hear it now can you? Well don't worry Apple will sent you a software update to make the meter show that the volume is in fact much lower so as not to confuse you!!!!

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    Marcus Wilson says:

    Mike Gikas also stated

    “The software may, indeed be faulty, but the signal loss can be real. Holding the iPhone 4 in certain ways does cause signal loss. But that’s the case with all cell phones. Indeed, all cell phones, from the mightiest smart phones to the most-basic flip models, must consistently overcome a major communication obstacle: you.”

    The IPhone 4 has its flaws like so many other devices on the market. It has also raised the benchmark for style and content. If an individual just wants a cell phone the IPhone isn’t the way to go.

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