iPhone 4 Accessories: IvySkin Case Helps Reception Problems

Are you having reception problems with your Apple iPhone 4 still? Would you like great iPhone 4 Accessories? Well if you are say hello to the recently new IvySkin Reception Case, we will also bring you many more accessories on a regular basis.

This new Reception Case is a revolution for your iPhone 4, and to help with the growing number of reception issues customers are dealing with, at the moment the new iPhone smartphone has problems where if you cover the antenna spots found on the metal band you will experience a loss in reception, which is not good news to say the least.

This new crystal clear case will stop you losing signal thanks to it covering the built-in antenna, the case measures 0.6mm on the back and added 0.8mm on the sides.

The Reception Case for the iPhone 4 also features Anti-Scratch Screen guard protectors for the front and back, there will be an upcoming SmartCase for iPhone 4 that should be releasing around August 2010 and those that order the iPhone Reception Case without a rebate a $15 store credit towards the new upcoming SmartCase.

The Apple iPhone 4 IvySkin Reception Case can be yours for only $14.99, if you like the sound of this please visit the IvySkin website for more information and option to buy.


28 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Accessories: IvySkin Case Helps Reception Problems”

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    strongfist says:

    Simply amazing. You know I think that Apple is facing all of these issues because they rushed to make the iPhone 4. Android more than likely caused this. However, Steve needs to give an official statement and soon. Until then we can only speculate.

    Any how theres this article at http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/ called "iPhone 4 Is In But The Problems Are Out: Complete Overview"

    Check it out for the complete listing of iPhone 4 issues and one that you may yet have heard of but still might be experiencing.

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    HeyNow says:

    @Mezzer99…couldn't agree more. They cannot meet demand on this item. They take your money and then delay your delivery for weeks. They also will not provide any specific information about your order via e-mail or over the phone. Avoid this company at all costs!

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    IvySkin Sux says:

    IvySkin takes forever to send your product! I ordered my iPhone 4 reception case on July 9 and it is now July 20th and I finally got an e-mail saying they just sent it. Probably wont get to me for another 2-5 days. Geez. I shoulda just got a Switcheasy Nude case

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    April 1 says:

    It has been over 13 days and there is no sign of any delivery, site shows items available in stock.

    Secondly, your bad review on their site will never appear, they publish only praises, thats so misleading

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    Ian says:

    Ivyskin Suck…I'm sure they are sending out shipped notifications when they havent been shipped! My tracking hasnt updated in 4 days! And they lie….They have fake reviews on there site, they said they didnt start shipping till the 16th July, but reviews from "customers" were appearing from the 14th!

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    Victor says:

    Those who have problem with Ivyskin, dump them and order Easyswitch Nude,. I ordered from them and within three days my product was in. Ivyskin sent me tracking # the same day Easyswitch sent me theirs, But I have received the Nude from Easyswitch but cannot even track Ivyskin at usps. they are joke. Stay away from them and order nude from easyswitch, you will never regret.

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    Henshin says:

    They emailed me saying item was shipped via USPS first class on the 19th. Still have not received it. No tracking updates. Called USPS and they said they received notification that An item was to be sent but that they haven’t seen in.

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    George says:

    Same story here with Ivyskin. What a joke. Charged my credit card on 7/15, gave me USPS tracking number, but no shipment. I have emailed them and they do respond with same canned answer.

    I am calling my cc company to dispute charge, and then will file complaint with Better Business Bureau.

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    Mark says:

    I have had a similar experience as you George. The company is very prompt at charging your credit card but not very prompr at shipping the goods or responding to emails. I placed an order for the iphone 4 reception case on July 9th but as at today no case and no idea when it will be shipped despite emails to find out. The last email which i sent a couple of days ago I threatened to contact me credit card company to dispute the charge but even that has not prompted them into action to respond. Prior to that I sent an email cancelling my order primarily due to their really bad customer service but again no response.

    Must say HeyNow sums this company up nicely when they say to avoid this company at all costs.

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    IvySkin is crap says:

    I ordered my case from IvySkin sometime last week, and got it with a debit card. I got the FedEx 2nd day shipping because I was going to be out of town. For me…it doesn't even say shipped, it says processing. I emailed them and they said it should take 3-7 days. Then I said I wanted to cancel, and they told me it already shipped out and it needs to be returned. I went back saying no it didn't, it is still processing on your website, and it have been over 4 days, so it hasn't came. Now, they won't respond to my emails. Is there any way I can contact the bank and ask them to end the charge, so I get my money back?

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    spidgeon says:

    After searching the internet, I'm glad I'm not the only one having an issue with this company. I too ordered the Reception Case for my new iPhone 4. Got the email notification it shipped, with tracking information showing recieved, but nothing shipped. Numerous calls into the company but nobody answers. I did send an email shortly after placing the order. It got an email back stating shipping can take 3-7 business days. Today is day 7…stll no case, and the tracking status has not changed. I'm going to call my cc and also dispute the charges.

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    chris says:

    IVYSKIN is a scam! I ordered my iPhone 4 case July 8, got a "shipped" email July 19th. The tracking number has never worked, I have yet to receive anything, and they won't respond to my emails/calls!

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    Robert says:

    I am also a victim to ivyscam 🙁

    Its been weeks since ivycam has been putting me and everyone else in loops and we are getting frustrated. Im gladding other websites are starting to pick up on the BS that is ivyscam.

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    Jim Raynor says:

    Ivyskin? More like IvyScam!

    Do not purchase anything from ivyskin. This company is full of lies and are scamming its customers. Their new iphone 4 reception case that was suppose to initially be shipped weeks ago, has yet to be shipped. Ivyskin claims that the cases have shipped but according to the shipping company, in reality the products havent been shipped at all and are putting its customers in loops for weeks.

    Please spread the word by coping and pasting this message anywhere you can.

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    Anthony c says:

    I too ordered my reception case but over 5 weeks ago! Finally received an email on the 19th with a tracking number saying it was shipped.. It has been over 8 business days and have yet to see my case. Luckily I work for the bank I bought the case with and I have filed a claim for this scam company!

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    Andy G says:

    Holy crap, I thought I was the only one, Ivyskin is scamming me too!! I order the 12th, got shipping notification on the 19th and still have not received it. I know that it has even shipped.

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    ADG says:

    I recommend that everyone having issues with Ivyskin to file a complaint with the BBB, which they are a member of.

  18. I guess I should count myself lucky? I ordered an Ivyskin Reception Case on August 1st, received shipment confirmation on August 4th, the case arrived in my mailbox on August 6th….

    The case looks pretty nice, but the sad part is I am still waiting on my iPhone4 (purchased on July31st) to arrive… =(

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    Henry says:

    Do NOT buy the Ivyskin leather case! Mine ripped three days after I bought it – yes, the LEATHER ripped when I pulled the strap to get my iPhone out. AND, despite a clear statement on the Ivyskin website that the leather case is covered by a full lifetime warranty, they refused to give me a refund. Not surprisingly, they refused to post my negative review on their website….

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    Consumer Reporter says:



    Ivyskin.com BEWARE OF THESE CRIMINALS!!! Ivyskin.com is a rip off company, Ivyskin.com will lie about their products, Ivyskin.com will fabricate positive comments on their website, Ivyskin.com is insulting and plain out rude, I have no idea how Ivyskin, Ivyskin.com is still in business, LOOK AT THE BBB REPORT FOR IVYSKIN, IVYSKIN.COM BBB – THIS IS DIRECTLY FROM THE BBB THEY HAVE AN F RATING AND IVYSKIN, IVYSKIN.COM MEMBERSHIP HAS BEEN REVOKED,


    BBB Reliability Report for

    BBB Accreditation was revoked on 09/28/2010
    BBB Rating F

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    Frank says:

    I just got the Switcheasy NUDE case in clear for iPhone 4. Having owned 6 Switcheasy products in the past I expected this would be a high quality case also. Alas, top edges on case are sharp, a couple of rough bits on thin edge and one corner doesn’t quite sit flat. What a disappointment. Am currently in the throws of getting it replaced from Switcheasy, hoping mine was just a one off. Am now looking at the Ivyskin… until I read this forum. Hey check out the Elements website. Amazing cases but don’t know if the aluminium case accentuates the antenna issues. Worth a look though.

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    James J. says:

    Wost customer support ever. They shipped me a case with a broken glass. They took forever to respond to my emails and then they wouldn't ship me a new glass. They are fraudulent. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM.

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    Alisa says:

    COMPLETELY agree about IvySkin’s terrible customer service. I just had an awful experience with them and did a google search for “IvySkin customer service”. Definitely wish I had done that before placing an order with them. They were rude and completely unhelpful when I inquired about an order that had been 3 weeks delayed without any notification at all.

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