Sales Boost Expected from Motorola Droid Devices

Apparently since Motorola launched the new Motorola Droid X smartphone, analysts have been monitoring sales of the device with a view to assessing Motorola’s turnaround.

According to an article over on Forbes by Elizabeth Woyke, analysts are most likely wanting to see quite a few “sold out” signs, and that Verizon’s continued lack of stock points to a “strong demand for the Droid X platform,” says Mark McKechie of Gleacher and Co.

Analyst for RBS Capital Markets, Mark Sue, in a report on the 19th of July noted…”there seems to be a lot of pent-up demand for Motorola’s new Droid X…it appears it has exceeded even the most optimistic views.”

Up until now the Droid X has benefited from heavy marketing by Verizon Wireless, and currently Verizon Wireless is Motorola’s top customer accounting for 17 percent of Motorola device sales. A momentum that looks to have built on the original Droid smartphone which is believed to have sold well into the 2nd quarter.

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