Oliver Sweeney Shoe App for Apple iPad: Design Italian Footwear

So you enjoy going shoe shopping, but wouldn’t it be of great help if you could design the ideal pair of shoes right there in the store? Well there’s an iOS app that has taken 3 months to produce that may become the next big thing for retailers to better engage their customers.

The app has been designed by Mobikats along with Oliver Sweeney’s fashion photographer and is call the Oliver Sweeney Shoe app for the Apple iPad. The app allows the user to design custom Italian shoes at the point of sale for the first time.

The Oliver Sweeney Shoe app for the Apple iPad allows users to select shoe design, colour of shoe skin for each panel, type of luxury skin, and the delivers the ability to see just what that shoe looks like, and thus improving on the shopping experience.

Mobikats director, Phil Hunt says, “The challenge for Mobikats with this particular iPad app was to make sure that Oliver Sweeney staff and customers had fun and were helped every step of the process by the app.”

The Oliver Sweeney Shoe iOS app key features are 6 different shoe designs, 5 different luxury skins from stingray to leather in varying colours, simple touch interface, different views of the finished design, the ability to email the designed shoe to others.

The Oliver Sweeney Shoe app isn’t yet available on iTunes so I have no idea how much it will cost or when it will become available, but the developer’s objective is to take the iPad app to the App Store for general release at some point.


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    The article is very informative… I  never knew of such great app on footwear…
    That is interesting.

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