Motorola Xoom Full Backup via Clockwork Recovery

For those owners of the Motorola Xoom that were waiting for the Clockwork Recovery, its arrival has now been confirmed.

With the addition of the SD card support late last week to the Xoom, the ClockworkMod Recovery has now followed, according to an article from the guys at Xda-Developers, coming via Droid-Life a recovery source has been available for a long time now. However, it was useless without the SD Card being enabled in the kernel.

Now that the SD issues have been resolved, the recovery was able to get going. The ClockworkMod Recovery is now fully operational and will create and restore nandroid backups to and from the SD Card.

If you require the ClockworkMod Recovery for your Motorola Xoom, you can get the full support thread including the download and instructions here.

When you have downloaded the recovery on to your device, please let us know what you think.

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