The Impossible Game iOS App: Very Addictive

If you enjoy the challenge of a hard game, and own an iOS device we may just have the game you are looking for as this game could well be the world’s hardest game, and is the best selling Xbox Live Indie game.

The iOS app is called The Impossible Game and is for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad that has been called “insanely addictive,” great fun, well made and stylish, a great boredom buster and so on and is number 2 in the US and Canada.

The Impossible Game for iOS devices features just a single control, tapping the display to jump, the user guide their orange square over spikes and jump onto boxes to reach the end of a level, although you have to be good because any mistake will result in failure and you’re sent right back to the beginning of the level.

The Impossible Game app also has a practice mode that enables the user to place checkpoints along the way, and you can try to unlock medals in your quest. The Impossible Game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad is available from iTunes for $0.99.

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