Samsung Galaxy S2: The Anatomy In 5 Steps

The Samsung Galaxy S2 brings a new level of power and performance to the Smart Phone market. If you don’t believe in that – Here are 5 reasons to back that statement up.

The Gooey Stuff Inside
Well not actually, hard stuff and hardware stuff. The Samsung Galaxy has a dual core 1 GHz chip and 1 GB of RAM. That means it will knock the snow off roofs in Norway when it’s turned on in Japan. It’s super-powerful, having twice the power of the iPhone 4.

The Part That Shows the Stuff
Samsung has improved on the Galaxy’s previous AMOLED screen. The new S2 has an even better gorilla glass covered display. It’s undoubtedly the clearest in the current market and offers unparallel depth in colours. The screen is also a whole 4.3in in size, which makes it ideal for viewing HD movies and photos. It’s also amazing for watching footage you managed to record on its 8mp camera — displaying it in 1080p glory for all to see.

Gingerbread in its Tummy
Not as in the cake or the piece of confectionary that ran away into a fox’s mouth, but Google’s new operating system. Gingerbread is the code name for Android 2.3, a new more stable and more tactile offering from the web lords. The new Android 2.3 OS allows multitasking to take place on the phone and is a real gem for any sort of app heavy tangle you may find yourself in. It’s true what they say, Gingerbread does make everything better.

Size Matters
It certainly does, ask any keen phone user that. The Galaxy should be a favourite as it’s the slimmest of all smart phones currently available at a wafer thin 8.49mm. The Galaxy is also an amazingly light 116g, a very commendable achievement when you take the large screen size and the power of the device into account.

Taking a Whiz
Well TouchWhiz, this is the name of Samsung’s user interface for the new Samsung Galaxy S2. This interface is a very manageable piece of kit. It manages to group things according to their uses, i.e. music in music, social networking in social networking etc. It’s also a quite user-friendly system and offers little in the way of confusion.

All in all the inside and outside of the Samsung Galaxy S2 make it a very powerful and potentially market leading device.

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5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2: The Anatomy In 5 Steps”

  1. Reply
    Uri Goldstein says:

    How can you say "displaying it in 1080p glory for all to see" when the device has a maximum resolution of 640 by 480 pixels? That doesn't make any sense.

    1. Reply
      Fatalis says:

      The device has a resolution of 800×480, and what he meant by that line was that the Galaxy S2 can record in 1080p.

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