iPhone 4 White Teardown: The Inside

It has been a long time coming but finally Apple has managed to release the white iPhone 4, and although outwardly other than the colour the white iPhone 4 looks much the same as the black iOS smartphone.

But with all things in the mobile space sooner or later someone has to dig inside to see what’s going on and if there are any changes and according to iPhone Download Blog, by way of Apple Insider, Japanese Apple Blog, MacOtakara has now done the deed and posted images

It appears that with the white iPhone 4 Apple has made the device a tad thicker and the proximity sensor has changed and the teardown also reveals that the rear camera lens has been altered slightly by setting it further back into the case.

It is presumed Apple altered the camera lens due to reports of the lens previously capturing too much light. Other than that, the white version of the iPhone 4 seems to be the same as the original albeit this not being a complete in-depth teardown of the device.

Now that Apple has finally conquered the colour issue with the white iPhone 4 perhaps we’ll see differing colours of the iPhone come out to play at some point in the future, what do our reader’s think would you like Apple to deliver a red, blue, green or other coloured iPhone?


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    Criss says:

    The new White iPhone 4 is indeed a hair thicker (200 microns), it is otherwise the same as the black version. This tells us that because Apple has conquered the white color issue, we should see Apple's 5th generation iPhone in both white and black from the get go. One thing we need to see in the next iPhone iteration is a hybrid model. The iPhone 4 era has really changed things up. There are now 8 different configurations to choose from. (the Black/white 16/32 from Verizon and the black/white 16/32 from AT&T) We need to see an iPhone that can be used both on Verizon and AT&T without having to get a whole different model for compatibility. The White iPhone 4 is great, but is the last iteration of iPhone we should see, unless one comes out for Sprint or T-mobile.

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