LG Optimus Black vs. LG Optimus 2x: Your Choice

LG have recently released both the LG Optimus Black and the Optimus 2X. LG will be hoping to triumph on the battleground that is the phone market with either or both of these phones, so which handset is the most likely to succeed?

The big cry from LG is that the new Optimus 2X has the world’s first dual core processor. How does this stand up against competitors and, for that matter, the LG Optimus Black? Well, the Optimus 2X’s dual core processor is certainly a lively piece of kit. With both cores running at 1GHz, the processor of the 2X is noticeably faster than the single core of the Black. The Optimus 2X and the Black both have 512mb of RAM, which, in comparison to the 1GB of RAM available in some other phones, is perhaps a bit lacking, especially considering the dual core processor of the 2X.

Both of the LGs use similar screen technology “Nova display” which is claimed to be a third brighter and with half the power consumption of AMOLED screens. In practice, both screens perform excellently and are also decently sized at 4” each.

There is a marked difference as far as cameras are concerned. The Optimus 2X comes with an 8mp offering, much like many of the top end phones on display currently, and also has autofocus and an LED flash. The Black is not as impressive and has a 5mp snapper, which though good, is superseded by the 2X’s. Thankfully, the Black does feature an LED flash and autofocus, though it has to make do with 720p footage at 30fps whereas the 2X features 1080p recording from its camera.

Both phones are shipped with the less than sparkly new Android 2.2 Froyo. Though not quite up to the standard of Gingerbread Android 2.3, Froyo does do a decent job and LG assure us that updates will be available at a later stage.

As looks go, both the LGs are attractive and very slim. The Black is a super-thin 9mm, making it one of the slimmest smartphones in the world, and the 2X is only slightly wider at 9.2mm. Both are pretty looking devices but are made from plastic, which just doesn’t give the same impression of a luxury product that their aluminium competitors can boast.

Overall, we have to say that LG have created two very nice machines here. The 2X boasts the better camera of the two and the Black is slimmer, but ultimately the fact that the 2X has a dual core processor gives it a real edge and in our opinion makes it the more worthy phone. How the two will stand up to competitors from other manufacturers remains to be seen.

The article above was written by guest writer Cormac Reynolds, for more information on the phones mentioned above please visit these dedicated links – LG Optimus Black and LG Optimus 2x

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