Sirius XM Radio iOS & Android Apps: Huge Profits

Sirius XM Radio begins a new schedule as of Wednesday, which will see most channels move to new numbers although there will be a few that remain the same but there is a guide to the new schedule available on the Sirius XM website.

According to a report by Syracuse, Sirius XM has announced their first quarter profits have risen by a whopping 88% due to subscriber growth and posted revenue of $724 million for the quarter according to Forbes.

So we thought we’d bring you the info on a couple of Sirius XM Radio smartphone apps in case you don’t already have one, one for the iOS platform and the other the Android platform, so here they are…

First up is the SiriusXM Internet Radio for iOS devices, an application that delivers access to in excess of 120 SiriusXM channels including sport, music, comedy, entertainment and chat and news, the ability to see what’s playing on other channels whilst listening to a song, and the ability to purchase songs by placing them in the integrated shopping cart.

The SiriusXM Internet Radio app allows the user to listen “in the background” when using the iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3rd gen iPod Touchand is available as a free download from iTunes.

Then there is of course the Android version called Sirius XM Premium Online, which again delivers 120 channels to your Android smartphone along with live performances, dedicated artist channels, and music that covers every genre.

The Sirius XM Premium Online app for Android also delivers the same features found in the iOS application and again can be downloaded to your Android device running Android 1.5 or above for free from the Android Market.


3 thoughts on “Sirius XM Radio iOS & Android Apps: Huge Profits”

  1. Reply
    bob says:

    can you get MLB on any of these? when they sat "sports" they often mean talk shows not games

  2. Reply
    guest says:

    This would be fantastic, if the Android app was working with the new channel lineup. Unfortunately, it's not, so we're paying for access we can't use.

  3. Reply
    FEZ says:

    It sure would be nice if the app actually worked….how about most of the time…that would be nice….OK, I will settle for sometimes…awwww shite'…I uninstalled the POS…again

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