White iPhone 4 From Black: An Options Guide

Now that Apple has finally managed to get the game right and released the long overdue white iPhone 4, no doubt many iOS smartphone users opted to pick up the black iPhone 4 rather than wait for what seemed like forever to grab the white version.

However, if you’d prefer a white iPhone 4 and not have to fork out the full price form making breaking your contract with your black iPhone the guys over at iPhone Download Blog have come up with a guide on how to make your own white iPhone 4, and give several options.

So let’s take a look at those options…first off there is the Colorware route, whereby you can have Colorware change the colour of your iPhone 4 not just to white but many other colour options as well. I’m fairly sure you all know how Colorware works and the process takes roughly 2 weeks, or there is the option to purchase a coloured iPhone 4 straight from Colorware, which will set you back a hefty $1350.

Then they offer the OMG, White Unicorn EyePhone Kit, which is an iPhone 4 conversion kit from Obama Pacman that can change the front and back of your existing iPhone to white and is basically one of the cheapest methods for converting your black to white at a cost of $16.45.

Or you could opt for a case route with the white snap on case for the iPhone 4 from Incase and although the case doesn’t actually change your iPhone into the white version it does give the appearance of doing so whilst offering protection and costs $34.95.

Or you could choose the Mophie Juice Pack Air, which is available in white and protects your iPhone 4 whilst also charging the iOS smartphone, but it will set you back a tidy sum prices at $79.95.

So there you have just a few way of gaining a white iPhone 4 from your black iPhone 4, and they guys have a couple of more options on their website, but if you have come across another option for turning your black iPhone 4 into a white iPhone 4 feel free to share in our comments area below.

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