iOS Over The Air (OTA) Updates Shown on iPhone

Most know that Apple is possibly thinking about delivering over the air updates with their latest operating system iOS 5, and obviously if Apple does decide to go with this OTA update route a new user interface will be required for the in-house updates.

Thus apparently according to iPhone Download Blog, by way of Razorianfly, Apple fan @_Appman_ has come up with a couple of concept mock-ups on what he believes how OTA updates could look in iOS 5.

Of course these are just concept mock-ups and obviously Apple could come up with something entirely different but they are good for the speculation game, and again obviously if Apple does decide to use over the air update with iOS 5 then carrier support will obviously be a crucial point.

So check out these OTA mock-ups and let us know if you if in your opinion Apple will introduce over the air updates with iOS 5. Would you prefer OTA update or are you quite happy the way things are now? Is OTA updates for the iPhone a good idea or do you think there will be problems?

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