LG Optimus 3D Augmented Reality Browser with Wikitude

LG has teamed up with Wikitude to bring the LG Optimus 3D smartphone the world’s first 3-D augmented reality browser; this is going to be hot stuff if all works well.

With LG collaborating with Wikitude to bring three dimensional Augmented Reality (AR) browser on the handset mentioned above you know the word interaction with the user will be a whole new experience.

This means LG Optimus 3D users will be able to have that full engagement when searching the Web with real-time user environments, the 3D AR instalment will show landmarks, places and 3D objects all in 3D whilst giving out great information about their surroundings and access related Wikipedia articles and Twitter information according to VR-Zone.

The new Wikitude 3D will have more than 100 million world locations and over 1,000 content providers from contributors. At the moment this new service will support 12 languages with more releasing in the future, all users need to do is download the Wikitude 3D from LG World, which is free from Mid-June.

The LG Optimus 3D is a smartphone on another level offering 3D content, 3D video recording and sharing all without using those ghastly 3D glasses. For more information please visit Korea Newswire.

Just so you all know the LG 3D smartphone will be releasing this summer in Europe and other markets soon after.

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