Rome Bus Driver Uses 2 Mobile Phones Whilst Driving: Video

We all know that using a mobile phone whilst at the wheel of a vehicle is dangerous, but it appears that for one Italian bus driver using one mobile phone when in control of a bus isn’t quite enough, so the driver actually uses two.

We have for your consideration below a video of this bus driver in Rome who obviously doesn’t care about the safety of his passengers as he uses one mobile phone whilst speaking on the other and using his elbows to control the bus.

The video comes our way courtesy of The Guardian by way of Italian site Repubblica, and the driver in question was videoed while speeding through the capital of Italy, and the good thing is that this inconsiderate and dangerous driver has now been suspended from duty.

Apparently the driver put his passengers lives at risk because he was receiving instructions over his mobile phone on how to set up email on his smartphone. What’s the old saying…”when in Rome?” Anyway check out the video below and feel free to comment on this guy’s stupidity to our comments area below.

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