Android Platform Gains 400-Percent Malware Increase

Startling information has been revealed in a recent report indicating Android Market is the main source of Malware distribution on mobile devices, with a staggering 400 percent rise on Google’s popular Android platform.

On April 5, my colleague James’ did an article on ‘Mobile Devices and Social Networks Big Target for Cyber Criminals’, which related to a security industry report that indicated that the Android operating system, Facebook and Twitter could all become a big target for cyber criminals — see article here.

Well this latest study on mobile security released by Juniper Networks reveals that the threat has increased dramatically. The Android Market initially had approximately 50,000 apps when it started, but now has in excess of 200,000 apps. However, the Google platform is now believed to be the main distributor of malware on to smartphones.

In an article by SMH, coming to us via the guys at Tech2 it is mentioned that information on the threats to Android users over the past few months range in different levels of intensity. What initially started as a threat to desktops has now become more prevalent on mobile devices. A number of anti-virus applications have been brought to the market in the hopes of stopping the threat, but have proven to be a less than satisfactory effort to control the situation.

There is an occasion where a malicious app called ‘DroidDream’ was doing the rounds and by the time Google intervened and removed the application, 50,000 Android devices had been infected. A case of ‘too little too late’ for those device owners. Also of interest, see James’ article relating to 21 Android malware apps being booted from Android Market by Google.

Have you ever been affected by malware on your handset? Please let us know below.


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