iPhone 5 (4S) Phones 4 U Release Date November: UK

The Apple iPhone 5 also known as the iPhone 4S is set for release in the UK November 21 according to Phones 4 U; hopefully this is the final date of when this smartphone will hit the shelves.

A representative who is not known via Phones 4 U St Albans branch let slip the date whilst chatting with T3.com and apparently the next Apple smartphone will be pretty much the same as the iPhone 4 with new software.

No one knows if the Apple handset will be named as the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, it could perhaps be something completely different and that is why we have to speculate names until the official word is out.

If all the above is true then it is suggested the new smartphone by Apple will be unveiled in September with official release in November, WWDC is set to kick off June 6 and we are all still sitting around hoping that they will reveal the new iPhone 5 aka 4S or whatever it will be called.

According to the source above the iPhone 4S will bring small updates to the current iPhone 4, which means no crazy design but merely a better processor and cameras and possibly cosmetic changes” and HSPA+ support, could we see edge-to-edge display?

If any Phones4U persons are reading this article please do let us know here at Phones Review your side of the story. Thanks

Source – TechRadar


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  1. All hope that the date give is the right one and not the fake as there are many rumors coming up about the release date of Apple's iPhone 4S. Some images of the phones are also there at some of the websites. The demand for Apple's products is going very high and the market value of the company has also gone up.

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