Apple Want Smaller Than Micro SIM Cards

It appears that Apple are not too happy with the size of the micro SIM that is used in the current iPhone 4 and Apple iPad, and want to go even smaller with SIM cards so they can apparently make even thinner iOS gear.

According to an article over on Engadget by way of Macrumors, Reuters is reporting that Apple has made the proposal for smaller SIM cards and that French carrier Orange is backing the proposal.

A spokesman for the European telecoms standards body has said, “This process may take some time, up to a year or more, if there is strong disagreement between industry players. However, when there is broad consensus among the companies participating in the standards committee, the process can be accelerated to a number of months.”

If the new smaller SIM cards are adopted they will apparently only be used in Apple products, but apparently if all goes according to plan the new SIM card should hit Apple devices within a year.

So what do our Apple gear toting readers think of this new smaller SIM idea, do you thing as long as it will result in a thinner iPhone and iPad it’s a good idea or do you think the SIM card is small enough already?

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